The Guy in the NY Daily News Photo Apparently Took a Week off of Work to Go Help in New York after 9/11

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Zoo With Roy dug up audio from the Jon and Sean Show yesterday in which a caller, who claimed to be a friend of the poor Eagles game day employee who was borderline defamed on the cover of the NY Daily News, said Charlie is not only a good dude, but also took a leave of abscense from his job in 2001 to go to New York and help out after 9/11:

“What a lot of people don’t know about Charlie – and Charlie has four kids – is after 9/11, Charlie took a leave of absence for almost a week and went up to New York to help out.”

You can hear the audio here at the 1:51 (hour) mark. Sean added that he worked with Charlie at the Soul and that he was indeed a “good dude.”

You should be so proud of yourselves, New York.


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  1. He should be banned from the sidelines from now on. What a disgrace the way he was cheering that injury . Barbaric

    1. You an absolute idiot if you think this guy was cheering Cruz’s injury .. He was cheating the fact the he just drop a TD pass and unless the guy had x-ray vision how could he possibly have know he tore up his knee … The is scumbag journalism at its finest and they sucked you right in !!!!!

  2. Fuck this guy, what a bald asshole, can’t wait to cheer a McCoy ACL tear when you guys play up here, fucking losers

    1. …and this is why whoever is responsible for this slanderous act at that second rate newspaper should be fired immediately.

    2. hey asshole…he was cheering the pass was broken up, not Cruz’s injury. Get a fucking life. Your team sucks. Do not deflect your anger on this poor guy. How would you like it if someone defamed you this way?

    3. You actually read this garbage? I work in NYC the NYDN is made for gullible dumbasses like yourself. Stay in school kid

  3. Nobody knew Cruz was injured until he hit the ground and grabbed his knee. This poor guy is being used as a punching bag. It didn’t look like anything other than a dropped pass to me until he didn’t get up. Give me a break.

    BTW, Cruz is a crybaby.

  4. Karma is a bitch Philly fans and with that being said I hope LeSean McCoy and Nick Foles both go out with season-ending injuries.

      1. No it’s the other way around with so many Philly maggots trolling NY papers and sports blogs.

        You thin skin Philly fans can’t take it when an outsider calls you guys on it for being negative classless assholes making fun of a player laying injured on the field.

        1. No one was making fun of anyone you fucking hack. It’s obvious you’re bitter about this loss after coming on here last week and talking so much shit. Now you’re blatantly trying to give yourself an excuse to continue your pathetic statements. They loss move on it’s that simple, NYDN put out a bullshit cover to get people like you riled up. Gullible motherfucker

        2. I know you’re probably like 15 but I’ve honestly never wanted anybody on the internet to die before, but you clearly offer no value to the human race.

        3. Its clear that the fans of NY Teams are pretty stupid to buy into this story. It was clear as day what happened. But they all had big mouths for a week, and when it came time to play their team was handed their ass. Instead of taking it like a real fan, they deflect the story. They are a joke

    1. Also while I was watching the game I crapped my pants. “Uhg NOT AGAIN,” said my mom.

      1. Lame if that’s your best attempt at trying to be funny you’ve failed miserably.

        Now back to the insane asylum you mental midget.

        1. Lame and Lamer!

          Both of you clowns pretending to be me are lame.

          The first guy is not funny.

          And the guy calling people “mental midget” is not funny. And is lame. Only Lame people still say “mental midget”.

    2. Typical ny loser response.
      I really hope Eli doesn’t get injured this season so you guys won’t have an excuse for sucking so bad.

  5. Funny thing is most of u so called fans of other teams ( NY at the moment ).. Are from philly…have some pride in your city. Bitches..

    1. Unfortunately not.

      Osama Bin Laden got to live for like 11 years after 9/11. There is no God. Life isn’t fair. Bad people aren’t always punished.

      I’m not comparing Brace to UBL. Wait. OK, I am.

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