The New Rocky Sequel is Looking for Real Boxers

Photo Credit: Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Lucky number seven: After six Rocky films, Sylvester Stallone has decided to call it quits there is still some money to be made here, and maybe even a good movie. Last year it was announced that the seventh film in the series would be Creed, revolving around Adonis Creed (Apollo’s grandson, played by Michael B. Jordan) as he is mentored by Rocky. The film would be directed by Fruitvale Station‘s Ryan Coogler, and is apparently gearing up to be filmed in Philly, at least in part.

According to a listing by Heery Casting (via r/Philadelphia), the production is looking for real boxers for filming in the Philadelphia area. Presumably, you’d have to either be training in the background or getting beat up by one of the stars, but isn’t that the reason you got into boxing in the first place, to pretend you’re getting beat up by an actor? It’s the pinnacle of the business.

The film is reportedly aiming for a January shoot in Philly, to get that real uplifting feel for those exterior shots.


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  1. Box Her? Don’t even know her!

    Real Boxers? Try Fruit of the Loom. Possibly Hanes.

    Hey JIM! Why’d you lock the Mo’Ne Davis comments?

  2. Great just what the world needs,another Rocky flick(Yawn).

    Can’t wait to see a 75yr old Rocky wearing depends undergarments,while at the same time using a walker.

    1. I thought the last Rocky movie was pretty solid.

      But this makes me think of that scene in Spaceballs where the newscaster is plugging an upcoming review of Rocky Five…Thousand.

  3. They need people to beat up on Kyle and Jim fit the part as sparring partners. Minus Jim’s Steve urkel sweat pants

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