The Phillies Coaching Staff Will Return in Full Next Season

Photo Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB offseason is very young — and hasn’t even started for every team — but the Phillies have already made one strong non-move. After firing assistant general manager and director of amateur scouting Marti Wolever, Todd Zolecki is reporting that the entire Phillies coaching staff will return, intact, in 2015.

The Phillies had already announced last month that they invited the whole staff to return, but just said today that each coach has accepted that offer and is “signed through next season.” We might not know who the first baseman or any of the outfielders will be, but Ruben Amaro will be your GM, Ryne Sandberg will be your manager, and the rest of the coaching staff (Larry Bowa, Bob McClure, Steve Henderson, Juan Samuel, Pete Mackanin, Rod Nichols, and John Mizerock) will remain at their posts.


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  1. Phillies are awful and will finish worse next year. That coaching staff is afraid of the players.

  2. More appropriate headline –
    The Phillies Coaching Staff Will Suck in Full Next Season

  3. Probably willing to come back for the same amount of money. Pete McKanin is probably the worst 3rd base coach in the league. They don’t need fancy line up cards.

  4. The Phillies will challenge the Sixers for ineptness and irrelevance not only in this town, but in all sports.

  5. This news just in. John Middleton has up his percentage from 48.1% to 48.15%. Cole Hamels and Ryan Howard will be retired and then some when Middleton gets his 50%, but he always intended to trade one and dump the other. Again, I will be right on this story.

  6. hey tuna (jim)

    whats your obsession with mo’ne davis? i’m not even hating on her, just find it creepy.

  7. If you bring my yoga pants back I won’t tell the boss. P.s. still can’t locate the dog toy.

  8. Well, It’s not the coaching staff’s fault that Ruben Amaro sucks at his job and the team has one of the highest payrolls in baseball. While also sucking.

  9. I have received word of a shocking story soon to be released by the media. It seems that the Phillies have been hazing rookies for years by throwing them into cold showers than splashing them with talcum powder when the come out. This devastating practice is called a “sugar cookie”. Someone needs to pay the price for this deviant behavior. As a devout Obama voting leftist Democrat hack I’m offended by this to the core of my effeminate soul.

  10. This story truly offends me. I almost fainted when I read it. Before you know it these brutes will be drinking together at bars after games and ogling women while eating meat sandwiches!

    1. Hi, I’m Bruce, my husband Tim and I both agree that this brutish hazing must be stopped immediately.
      The other boys used to sugar cookie me in home-ed class and while yes I enjoyed it somewhat I can’t condone it! Come on Tim, it’s meat eating time!

  11. All the Obama voting boys throw talcum on the ground, roll me in it and look for the wet spot. They say I’m best an effeminate nerd will ever get.

  12. Larry Bowa did a great job this post season with Chris Russo. Larry knows the league inside and out.

  13. i really love the phillies and this post depresses me. you god damn well know that ryan howard isnt going anywhere. either. fuck me.

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