The Quotable Bernard Hopkins: Pharrell’s “Happy” is How “They” Control People “Like Cattle”

I do not question his analysis.  Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
I do not question his analysis.
Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In this week’s New York Times Magazine, Carlo Rotella turned in a must-read profile of Bernard Hopkins, where he talks to the legendary boxer and his former opponents about everything B-Hop. But the best part is the lede, which really gives you a sense of Hopkins, the man:

“There’s a god of this world,” Bernard Hopkins was saying. “Some say the mass media is the god of this world. It’s like a song, like that ‘Happy.’ They shoved it down my throat. At first I hated it. Why I got to be happy? My dog died! But it ended up being one of my favorite songs. They put one of those songs out every 20 years. No matter how bad your life is, no matter how legitimate your reasons for being upset, they say, ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’ Song’s only three minutes, then you stop being happy. The way they control human beings, like cattle. How do a sheepdog keep 50 or 100 sheeps in order? I’m watching a dog keep a herd on TV, and I’m thinking that’s the way the system got most human beings: ‘Eat this. Drink that.’”

Rotella also talked to former Hopkins opponents Winky Wright and Oscar De La Hoya to find out what makes Bernard so unstoppable (and unwilling to stop), and the whole profile — which again, is a must-read — can be checked out over here. Come for the conspiracy theories, stay for the boxing tales.


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  1. I’m under the control of that song too I think….. Every single time I hear it on the radio my hand goes to change the station every single time without me even thinking about it.

    He’s not so far off though. The media of today is in complete control of their sheeple. Fox has their sheeple, NBC has theirs. It’s kind of funny watching the righties and lefties swear they are all right and the other is all wrong endlessly until they die. It amuses me to no end.

  2. So true BHop, but hardly an original thought.

    Perhaps, BHop just read ‘1984’ or has discovered the writings of Karl Marx..;
    either way, I agree.

    We speak your name.

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