The Sixers Have Managed to Make Themselves Even Worse (More Tankier?)

Photo credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting that the Sixers will trade quasi-useful (on this team, at least) Arnett Moultrie to the Knicks in exchange for the lukewarm body of Travis Outlaw – whom they will probably release – a future second-round pick, as well as the right to swap yet another future second-round pick.

Outlaw, 30 and terrible, is owed $3 million, which the Sixers will happily eat in their ongoing quest to reach the salary cap floor.

Oh, and also thisssss:


5 Responses

  1. At this point, they should hold a drawing and select 5 random fans to come off the bench this season.

    Why the fuck not right? I’ll take a league minimum contract to throw on a sweat suit and play sub professional basketball.

    Together we build…

    1. Going down there tonight and playing on court. Legit think it might be chance at guaranteed rookie contract. Will let you know.

    2. I like that idea. I would get more enjoyment watching five random fans go up against the Knicks and lose 108-4 than to watch the current lineup lose 97-71.

  2. I actually love that they’re doing this shit. Full disclosure, I’ve never been a big basketball/Sixers fan but I’m a Philly fan so I want them to do well, however, I don’t feel the pain the way actual Sixers fans probably do. But the way they’re trading and taking bad contracts right now is hilarious. The league tried to screw them again by “fixing” the lottery so the Sixers couldn’t get the full benefit of the tank and failed. After that bullshit this feels like Hinkie trolling the league with his obvious tank moves.

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