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Among the things the 76ers are going to distract us with this year is their new, very fancy court projection system. We knew they’ll use it for pre-game and halftime shows, but that’s not all — they’ll also use it to honor the release of Wilt Chamberlain stamps:

The U.S.Postal Service and Philadelphia 76ers, in conjunction with the National Basketball Association (NBA), will formally dedicate the Wilt Chamberlain Forever stamps — the first of its kind featuring an NBA player — in a halftime ceremony featuring a special three-dimensional tribute video using the team’s state-of-the-art court projection system. Throughout the night, the Sixers will celebrate the life and legacy of the legendary Chamberlain with videos during breaks in play. Tickets for this 7 p.m. game will be available to the general public beginning Oct. 8 via

So I guess I misspoke earlier, and this will actually be the high point of the Sixers season, and even more so if this tribute chronicles each one of Wilt’s 20,000 conquests. Don’t know if halftime is long enough for that though.