UPDATE: Leg Found

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6 ABC posted a story about the guy who had his prosthetic leg stolen during the Eagles tailgate tonight. You’ll probably recognize him:

The victim Sonny Forriest Jr., who is known for singing outside the stadium during games, says he sometimes takes his prosthetic off when it hurts.

He told police that an intoxicated woman wearing Eagles clothing took his prosthetic leg and ran off.

“She said, ‘I will pay you for it.’ I said, ‘That’s alright baby go ahead and have a good time,’ and then she disappeared,” said Forriest.

Forriest says the woman appeared to be in her 20s. At this point he would like to have his leg back since he’s not able to get around without it.

An Eagles fan (who has asked to remain anonymous) responded to 6 ABC’s and John Rawlins’ Tweets about the story. She tweeted a few screenshots taken from Snapchat of the girl who allegedly stole the leg:

Then, responding to Tweets from twactivist (@FanSince09), she dug up an even better pic:

Even Snaps live forever.

[UPDATE: The person in the photos dancing with the prosthetic leg over her head contacted us this morning and explained that she did NOT take the leg. She was hanging out with Sonny and having a good time. He even gave her his phone number (what comes first– digits or leg?). She says she has been in contact with detectives and that when she left Sonny, he had his leg in toe. We have removed the pictures.]

Mr. Since 09 is once again offering his services, gratis. He’s tweeting that he’ll happily take the leg tomorrow night in the city, no questions asked, and return it to Sonny or give it to the police.

If you know the whereabouts of the parking lot singer’s prosthetic leg, you’re hereby encouraged to contact Philly’s Twitter crime solver, who will facilitate its reattachment. With Love, Philadelphia XOXO.


Police recovered the leg at a train station in Olney. Sexy. From NBC 10:

Police began to investigate after Forriest Jr. filed a police report. On Monday around 1 a.m., police told NBC10 the prosthetic leg was found at the Fern Rock Transportation Center in Olney. They’re unsure however who dropped the leg off.

Despite the alleged theft, Forriest Jr. remained in good spirits when he spoke to NBC10 and even performed a few songs. He also had a message for the person who snatched his leg.

“It’s a shaaaame, the way you mess around with old men!” he sang. “It’s a shaaaame the way you hurt me!”

The national media’s gonna get a real kick out of this one.

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  2. New “Americanized” title: Innocent Black Man Get His Prosthetic Leg Stolen From a White Woman While Ferguson Continues To Protest!

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