Today in Philly Athletes on Tinder: Michael Raffl


My God, could you imagine if Tinder was around for Jeff Carter’s wild oats sowing years?


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  1. Seriously wake me up when the bum ass Flyers finally win a game.

    And the Sixers please if they win more than 10 games this season it will be a miracle.

    And the Phillies see you guys around the year 2020.

    And with all that being said go EAGLES!

    1. I troll tinder for dudes who cares,live and let live is my motto.

      You claim Kyle trolls for dudes on tinder while you secretly hang out at gay bars and bath houses looking for a fudgepacker to loosen up your tight-end(just saying).

  2. It says he was active an hour ago, at 8:42? I’m pretty sure he was busy actually playing a game during that time, not messing around on Tinder.

  3. Raffl is a no talent pussy. Dude needs all the help he can get to get some vagina. Can’t blame the dude

  4. Has anyone noticed that lately Lauren Hart sounds like a black singer? What’s with the Showtime at the Appollo “ghetto” version of the National Anthem before Flyers games this season?
    Lauren, you are not Patti. You are not Beyonce. You are not Nicki. PLEASE STOP butchering the Star-Spangled Banner. Stick with that cheesy “God Bless America” Kate Smith video sing-along mish-mash. Kate had class; you don’t anymore. Try to stay white, please.

    1. Kyle only needed Jim to cover while he went away on his honeymoon. He made Jim think he was full time but we all know there’s not enough content on this site for two people.

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