Video: Donovan McNabb Finally Makes Fun of Himself

He’s even awkward when he’s being a good sport.

H/T to (@CrawfordMackenz)


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  1. I have grown to hate Donovan for everything he has said and his bitter attitude but honestly he was one of the best QBs this city has had. I think it is far too late to swing public opinion in the city on him because most people are just sick of him but him making fun of himself and being funny would certainly lessen the blow.

    In time, he might be appreciated again if he can just do some damage control on his reputation.

  2. Who do u think will win the sooper bowl in 2014 year, the team who scores the most points on super bowl sunday, or the team that stops the most points? discuss

    1. the guy made 120mil and pretty much owned the city for 8 or so years. Like McNabb, GET OVER IT

  3. Dis guy Meknabb es such a joke. He is elways daying stupid stuff and seying da dumbest thengs to make Pheladelphia look bad. I em so gled he is gone.

    1. OHHHHH get dose trashie strippahs ova here so I can droooll all ova dem and discrib it on da radio and maek mah listnas sick!

  4. Angelo Cataldi drove up to New York to boo a 22 year old kid in front of his friends and family on the biggest day of his life. That’s why McNabb always gets a pass with me. Cataldi is a grade a douchebag.

    1. Definitely not a Cataldi supporter, but if Mcnabb is too stupid to see that they were booing THE PICK and not him, then fuck him, he’s as stupid and as clueless as Cataldi is. Get over it, enough people cheered for him and supported him and put up with his complaining and bought his jersey for him to know better. And furthermore, the fans who believe that booing was a. Booing Mcnabb and not the pick and b. The general consensus of the entire fan base, then you’re just as lame brained as both of them too.

        1. I think he meant Cataldi was booing NOT picking Ricky Williams bro…. Calm down… Either way Cataldi is still an assclown

  5. Numbuh figh wil aways luh yoo. Why can’t the stupid ass niggas say words that have a “v” or “th” at the end? Bulee me, I hears bofe uh dem allatime!

  6. I’ve been more of a McNabb apologist than anything over the years. However, I have to say that this whole segment seemed VERY contrived, like they wouldn’t have even brought up the initial comment without McNabb jumping all over it. And I think that’s been the biggest beef with McNabb all along, how disingenuous he is.

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