Video: Flyers Pranked By Rubber Snake


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    1. Seriously though, this blog literally pulls things off deadspin about an hr or so after it’s on there. Crossing Deadspin

  1. You guys ever watch Joel McHale on The Soup? This show pulls the best stuff from all over TV, gives it to me in one package, so I don’t have to check out all those other channels. Great idea, NOT stealing, and is a nice one-stop shop for me.

    I look at this site as kinda the same thing.

    1. I don’t get how Deadspin gets this story first though. Shouldn’t Kyle or Jim be plugged in enough to see this and get it up on the site first. Its not like they spent hours writing a post about it…

  2. Soooo just go to Deadspin than. Everything on here is on Deadspin well in advance.

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