Video: Gigantic Chevy Rep Completely Imploded Presenting World Series MVP Award to Madison Bumgarner

The Chevy “Regional Zone Manager” Rikk Wilde had one job. One. He didn’t fare so well. The Chevy Colorado provides “class-leading technology… and… um… stuff”!!!!!!!

I don’t know what’s funnier – his meltdown, Bumgarner’s bewilderment, or Erin Andrews’ and Bud Selig’s reactions – but I’ve been crying laughing for 25-straight minutes watching this.


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  1. My reaction exactly. Haven’t laughed so hard in years! Selig was like, “Who approved this crap?” Bum = perfect straight man.

  2. That sweaty bastard was so nervous he had to keep checking his lines.

    This awkward moment will no doubt be the first skit on the next Saturday night live.

    If only Chris Farley was still alive.

  3. This reincarnation of the revolting blob deserves a big ol bonus check from Chevy. A plug that would’ve been quickly forgotten will now get replayed millions of times thanks to his idiocy.

  4. I was laughing when I saw this on TV…..but here it just seems mean-spirited.

    The guy lost is a bit on live TV. He was nervous. He’s fat. OMG. Let’s all laugh at him.

    This feels like bullying. I mean it was funny, sure. But Chris Farley isn’t a public figure, he’s just some fatass from Chevy oh who am I kidding HAHAHA TUBBY.

  5. Dis es soooooo funny, I’m gonna yuse dis on my show.

    Hey Rhea dija see dis fat guy on da teevee bein all sweaty? He coulnit even say anytin? It was so hasterical!

  6. Hi I’m Bruce , my husband Tim and I are having a fabulous time at the Giants all night celebration! Yee haw! We’re running naked through the streets lighting bon fires near any churches we see yee haw!

  7. This rotund gentleman is obviously a Republican and thus deserves to be made a fool of. I was laughing so hard that wads of ill-gotten cash started falling out of my pockets

  8. I haven’t had such a hearty guffaw since Jeeves was hit by a windmill blade one breezy day on my estate.

  9. How could Major League Baseball allow a Neanderthal touting a carbon spewing, polar bear killing, iceberg melting, hurricane inducing, gasoline guzzling monstrosity appear on its airwaves! I’m appalled!

  10. This rep looks like a more awkward version of Rob Ford. This is always such a shameless part of the post game; the guy is in the middle of a $35 million contract; does he really need pomp and circumstance for a $40k truck? Yeah, yeah, I understand coprporate sponsorship, but this is just tacky.

  11. Is Jim Adair gonna put up another post about how MoNe Davis threw the first pitch a week ago?

    What’s his obsession with her anyways? It’s weird.

  12. This guy has a family and maybe young kids. He also wasn’t an attention seeking whore yet it is ok to mock him but not a certain traffic slut?

    1. Kyle still thinks he has a chance with her, i can only imagine how bad his stalking was when she was at Villanova. This is Kyle’s Janie Briggs and he is that art loser who never had a chance and lost her to the hot jock (check out Not Another Teen Movie).

    2. I doubt anyone pushed him on stage at gun point. I actually felt sorry and embarrassed for the guy but it wasn’t like they didn’t have time to prepare for this. Let this guy hand over the keys after a spokesperson gives the presentation. Chevy surely has a couple more employees who could do this.

  13. His name is Rikk Wilde? Seriously? Such a rock ‘n’ roll name for a guy who appears to be the antithesis of rock ‘n’ roll….

  14. That was actually painful to watch. I feel bad for the guy…he clearly wanted to be out of that situation as quickly as possible.

    I hope he sees his cardiologist today because that probably took a toll on him.

  15. The only guy worse than this chevy guy is….sean brace . that guy fucking sucks how the hell does that bum have a job ?

  16. Not sure why anyone thinks these kind of things are funny. If anything, you should feel sorry for him.

      1. Hey he was funny, think I’ll buy a Chevy. What! Just saw a Chevy driving down the road. Its wheels fell off and it crashed into a ditch. Funny, think I’ll buy a Chevy truck.

  17. Ugh, i hate these forced product placements at the absolute worst time. They should be focused 100% on the game and the winning team, not this nervous slob and some truck no one cares about.

  18. Kyle-

    You’re such a pathetic unfunny twat. This guy may have been insanely nervous and yes, he’s overweight.

    But you look like a real-life Squidward. This dude could lose some weight and take public speaking lessons but what’s gonna save you, dick?

    You know what’s funnier than this? Running through the list of all the media/press that declined the Sixers invite in order for the oppty to be extended to you. Guess Myetetus was blowdrying his hair that night ? Farzetta had laundry to do.

    How much does Dana pull in at Toll Bros in order for you to sit home and masturbate all day?

  19. Guess I’m just not sure why you had to throw the guy’s weight into it. Its funny/horrific enough without that but you go for the cheap pop that resonates with the 15 year old crowd.

  20. This reminds me of the scene in Godfather when Luca Brasi asks a favor of Don Corleone on the day of his daughters wedding….

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