We’re Giving Away a Pair of Eagles-Giants Tickets

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Oh we’re doing it again.

Our friends at NRG Energy, whom you’ve heard about quite a bit around here, are one of the Eagles’ top sponsors and responsible for all those wind turbines and solar arrays that Windmill Jeff likes so much (with good reason). NRG is one of the few big companies that is actually trying to do some good and not, you know, ruin the world. They power Lincoln Financial Field and, for one of you, a trip to the game this Sunday.

Here’s what you need to do to win the tickets: Make sure to follow both me (@CrossingBroad) and (@NRGEnergy) on Twitter and Tweet the following: I just entered to win 2 #BlackSunday tickets thanks to @CrossingBroad and @NRGEnergy. Follow them and RT to enter. http://bit.ly/PHinf3

That’s it. We’ll pick a winner tomorrow afternoon and you’ll get your tickets (emailed) in plenty of time for the game on Sunday. This can be you:


In the meantime, be sure to check out NRG’s Eagles website, because they’re giving away a lot more: tickets and transportation for you and 14 friends to the Cowboys game, club tickets for you and four friends to the Cowboys game, and tickets and PRE-GAME SIDELINE PASSES for you and one guest to the Cowboys game. Check out all those details here.


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  1. Always with the Twitter…I should probably make one…one of these days I’ll get around to it…

      1. Dude if you like this handle so much you can have it. Troll away. Wouldn’t be the first time I changed my handle on here.

        Fucking amateurs.

          1. No, he’s not.

            Most of the older handles were retired after Traffic Twat Gate led to a comment section implosion of trolls.

            That is why the comment section is in the state it is in.

            But, hey, Kyle gets his page views, so who gives a fuck right?

  2. I don’t just want, I NEED to win the cowboys tickets. I’m gonna will this into the universe so I can get out of the hell hole that is AL and get to see my beloved Eagles fly high over the cowgirls. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GOD. #FLYEAGLESFLY

  3. Kyle, does the winner get to sit with you and your wife at the game? Because I have a lot of questions about you that I want to ask her.

  4. A few random thoughts on the Eagles
    – The Eagles defensive line is the real deal. They’re good and they have depth. That’s good news for a playoff run
    – McCoy is not the same back, he’s lost a step. It’s not just the O line. He’s had some room to run, granted not like last year but he has had some opportunities, he just can’t get it done. Maybe it’s the turf toe
    – Maclin is better than I thought. I think he will keep improving.
    – Jordan Mathews is a beast. They need to get him the ball more.
    – Nick Foles is not comfortable behind this O Line. That’s the problem and he’ll come around when they get some players back.
    – Where are the “experts ” who told us how bad the NFC East was going to be this year?
    – Andre Williams is a good back. The Birds better not think they’re getting a break because Jennings is out
    -Cruz always plays well against the Birds. He’s had a bad year but watch out this week.

  5. I’m calling Socialmediaism. I don’t have a twitter account nor do I want one. How am I suppose to win Eagles tickets?

    Give me Eagles tickets NRG Energy and I promise I won’t sue!!

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