“Who You Gonna Call?” T-Shirts Now Available


Not even sure what to say here. This shirt sells itself. It’s awesome. Get one.

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20 Responses

    1. If you’re going to shit all over Kyle (and you’re not wrong for doing so, even I can’t defend this trainwreck idea for a Tshirt) come up with something original/hilarious. Commenters like you are killing this website. Go suck on the end of a shotgun.

      That being said, I really like where Kyle is taking the podcast, and the whole libertybroadcasting.co thing is genius.

      1. Weirdest backhand compliment ever. But thanks– we think the podcast thing is a pretty good idea.

        As for the shirts: commenters never like shirts anywhere, ever, and yet, most of them sell quite well… except for the 10 Mode shirt. That was a terrible shirt and I literally can’t give away the last few.

        1. Perhaps I came off a bit harsh… I’m just now realizing that you made this shirt in response to Gostisbehere’s amazing debut last night, I originally thought you created the shirt simply for the Flyers signing the guy( I didn’t even know the Flyers a game yesterday until now.) Still doesn’t make me a huge fan this particular shirt, but they all can’t be winners I guess.

          Speaking of CB tshirts: BRING BACK BIG SHOT. I’d buy 2. And offer tall sizes if poss. LT to be exact.

  1. Wow, I am shocked. Kyle makes a shirt in a color that has no relation to team it’s about. Who could of seen that coming? Flyers are orange and black let’s make a grey shirt. Chip kelly eagles head coach in 2014 says something let’s make a shirt in an off brand kelly green.

  2. Advertising Uber, a criminal enterprise, as defined by the PPA may bring charges to this Blog as acting as an agent for this enterprise.
    Uber is just another example of Organized Crime operating on their own terms.

  3. I don’t get it. It’s like you’re saying “No Gostisbehere.” But that’s his nickname, so we do, in fact, want him. Also, not sure you’re allowed to make a profit on the Ghostbusters logo.

  4. Yet another trademark infringement. Hey Kyle, are you a gook? Shouldn’t you be selling those knockoff t-shirts at 11th and Market? Me love you long time, Joe.

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