Yeah, Chris Pronger Probably Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Work for the League

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Chris Pronger is up for a job with the Department of Player Safety, but, as you know, he still works for the Flyers. Due to a silly CBA thing, Pronger, who will never play again, is still on the Flyers’ roster and, each year, is placed on long-term injured reserve so the Flyers can circumvent his $4.9 million cap hit. The alternative is that Pronger retire and not get his money, a scenario in which the Flyers would be stuck with his cap hit. It’s a win-win. You probably know all of this.

Anyway, according to multiple reports from yesterday, he’s tapped to become a league employee in the department of player saftey.

Opinions vary on whether that should be allowed. Barry Petchesky of Deadspin thinks no. Greg Wyhshynski of Puck Daddy thinks yes. I side with Petchesky.

This isn’t about Pronger not being able to check his bias at the door. I can’t imagine that would be a problem, if only because he’d be under the microscope. It’s like a dad coaching his son in Little League– he’ll usually be harder on him just so he doesn’t appear to be playing favorites. But if you’re the league, allowing Pronger to be part of an important and always controversial decision-making process when he’s employed by, and actively scouts for, the Flyers would be a bad look… especially because it’s the Flyers. Everyone hates the Flyers. This is how leagues develop image problems. Pronger would probably be plenty fair, but that’s not the point. You’re going anger the Rangers, Penguins, Bruins, other teams, and fans when, say, former defensive mate Braydon Coburn only gets a game for a blatant and dangerous boarding call. That’s a problem. Pronger’s legitimately a Flyers employee and still has a quasi-active role in the organization. I just don’t see how this is a good look for as long as that’s the case. It sucks for Pronger… but, you know, he’s making $4 million this year.

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13 Responses

  1. I much more enjoy the original content from this site rather than it being another site spewing the same junk.

    -Thank you

    Guy who gets sick of filling out surveys on different machines please allow us to login so we dont have to be tortured by extra mouse clicks.

    1. He’s the reason they drafted Morin..his opinion on Morin persuaded the big guys…………..

  2. This story was a good one when I read it on Deadspin….YESTERDAY.
    But, you did a good job trying to make it seem like its yours.
    Care to take a survey?

  3. There is a real simple way of handling this. The Flyers waive the conflict of interest on the basis that Pronger not handle any matters involving Flyers personnel. If worse comes to worse, you just put up a Chinese Wall.

  4. Copy-pasting articles from Deadspin is one thing. Copy-pasting your opinion from them, too? Christ, Kyle.

    Pronger wouldn’t be ruling on ANYONE, Flyer or not. He’d be a consultant to Qintal, who has final say. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to do that (much like a drug dealer advising detectives) without any issue from anyone. If other teams think Pronger has influence over the DPOS completely, then they would have bigger problems than just this hire.

  5. Above and beyond the employer conflict of interest, there’s some irony in Captain Elbows himself being offered a job in the discipline office.

  6. You suffer from concussion symptoms you deserve to get paid no matter how long the contract exists.

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