ABC’s “The Goldbergs” Will Visit Veterans Stadium

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Last week, Adam Goldberg (creator of ABC’s “The Goldbergs”) took to Twitter to vent his frustrations that the Phillies and Major League Baseball wouldn’t approve his usage of the Phillies and Veterans Stadium in the show. At the time, Goldberg said the script would be Ferris Bueller-esque, and he would re-create signs and everything to make The Vet on TV look and feel like The Vet in real-life. However, he was told by a Phillies rep that they spoke to the MLB and “didn’t like the content of the scene.” Never mind that the Flyers have been all over that show.

But Twitter is a magical place. It’s where Goldberg voiced his frustrations about his problem and also where he solved it. According to Molly Eichel, The Phillies’ director of marketing and special projects, Michael Harris, reached out to Goldberg after seeing his Tweets, and they were able to hammer things out.

“Like with many things, a good old-fashioned conversation can solve a lot,” Harris told Eichel. “I give a lot of credit to Adam because he understood and appreciated our concerns. He was able to tweak the script rather easily without changing the original premise of the scene.”

And just like that, the titular family will (at least in part) be visiting The Vet. Depending on where their seats are, I’m sure we’ll be able to figure out what the Phillies wanted changed.

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8 Responses

  1. If they’re up in the 700 level, I’m sure it will center around the son’s first exposure to heavy pot use and people getting busy.

    1. The line in the script that was the problem was “Philly fans boo Santa Claus and throw batteries.” When that was removed the permission was granted. That simple. By the way, this is by far the best show on television.

  2. The show is pretty good. However I don’t like how the creator reps Jenkintown, but didn’t go to Jenkintown High School.

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