Adam Schefter Says Foles Will Not Need Surgery, Will Miss 6-8 Weeks

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If Schefter’s source is right, and it usually is, that would mean Foles could return in time for the Week 16 matchup at the Redskins, at the earliest. The question then becomes: If the Eagles are in playoff contention, do you bring Foles back? Do you save him for the playoffs? Is Sanchez your starter? Will all of the hypotheticals have broken sports talk radio by then?


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  1. Answer in order: no, possibly, yes (if we’re in the playoffs and playing well), and we can only hope so.

  2. I had broken clavicle August 27, and now in week #10. Also, had no surgery, but recovery is long and inactive, even to a non throwing arm injury. A shoulder compression also damages and/or severely bruises ribs. Hurt like heck first five weeks. Bottom line, he is done for the year. No way he is ready in eight weeks. The Eagle’s spin doctors are in full force. They lying to us.

  3. I smell Jeff Lurie and his gold standard team………Fool’s gold. I am also sure Chip will be fielding calls from some college teams.

  4. I, for one, say pull the plug on Foles and let Chip do something nuts to get Mariota- Chip never wanted Reid’s sloppy seconds from the start. Let’s all stop pretending that Foles is the future of this team. There, I said it.

  5. Just like Rodgers last year. He won’t be back until the last week if he even comes back this year. I’ve broke my collarbone in my flag football league and it sucks and wont heal in this projected 6 weeks. Good luck to turnover machine Nicky but take your time coming back baby

  6. Injuries and trade scenarios are to sports talk radio callers as Michael Del Zotto is to girls on Tindr. I was listening to 97.5 driving home from work today and heard some guy tell Mikey Miss that the Eagles should talk Dawkins out of retirement for the rest of the season…to play linebacker.

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