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We’re getting weird today– T. Swift, Sanchez Chick Lit, an upcoming post about Koy Detmer, and this.

Curt Schilling has some thoughts on things. Specifically, evolution. He doesn’t believe in it. Assuming you didn’t watch that video (I got about five minutes in), it basically describes a bunch of “reasons” “why” “evolution” “isn’t” “actually” “a” “thing.” It’s part of some liberal agenda or some shit. And you know what, who am I to argue? It’s more plausible that the invisible father of a bearded man built us all out of clay – with all sorts of impulses that act as a test against his hard-and-fast rules – some 2,000 years ago. Yeah, that totally makes more sense.

Schilling had some harsh responses for the haters…

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… and is linking out to articles debunking evolution, but, oh yeah, like totally agrees with the other whack jobs:

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What the hell happened to the ’93 Phillies? Between Dutch and the aliens, Lenny and the conspiracy theorists, and Schilling and his rejection of Darwinism, it’s almost like some of them never grew up… never evolved.