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Jordan Matthews looked pretty good again.

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51 Responses

    1. I blame those shirts for the team’s performance. They thought they were supposed to play on Saturday at Maryland.

    2. Donate those t-shirts to a 3rd world country,along with Bradley Fletcher because he flat out stinks,and should be cut first thing tomorrow morning.

  1. Well that sucked. Super Bowl is definitely off. How long is the line to jump off the Walt Whitman?

  2. Should have maybe waited a couple games before making that mr. butt fumble guy tee . Hahaha lol lmao

  3. It’s an honor and pleasure to bequeath the nickname “Toast” forevermore to Bradley Fletcher. Now go forth and suck.

    And for the rest of you, “Butter this, bitches!”

    1. Agreed Jordy Nelson whipped him(Bradley Fletcher)all over the field like his name was Kunta Kinte.

  4. As an educated white male in his 30’s, am I supposed to know what “derp” is?

      1. And I’m smarter still. Don’t you think the First Lady has a pretty good rack for a black chick?

  5. The Eagles have played 4 good teams this year:

    Colts: refs game them the game at the end
    49ers: Loss
    Cardinals: Loss
    Packers: Savage beating

    As long as they don’t have to face any good teams in the playoffs or super bowl, then this may finally be the year!!

    1. I hate your guts and bet you are a loser Cowboy fan (they are also going nowhere) but that was kinda funny.

  6. This team will once again make a token playoff appearance,and immediately get their doors blown off.

  7. Days like these are why I hate this city sometimes. Just last week, we were all on aboard with a deep run into the playoffs. Now we are saying 1 and done if they even get in. They got their asses handed to them yesterday. They went into a tough place, and played against a QB that could put up 300 yds and 3 tds blindfolded right now. Name another team in the NFL that could stop the packers in GB right now?

    The entire success of the defense depends on if the front 4 can get pressure. Yesterday they got none. Lets just all take a deep breath and look to rebound against the shitty titans.

    1. None. Not one team has beat them at home this season.

      The Titans are one of Green Bay’s losses (away of course)

      The Eagles looked worse against Greenbay than the Panthers looked against the Eagles last week. That shit was depressing.

      1. “The Titans are one of Green Bay’s losses (away of course)”

        Uhhh no. The packers have lost to the Seahawks, Lions and Saints. They lost to the Titans in the PRESEASON. Is that what you’re thinking?

        1. Maybe he refers to the Lions as the Titans. Like his own personal nickname for the team.

          The Jets actually had a big lead on the Packers in Lambeau and then turned back into the Jets.

        2. Yes, I was thinking of that preseason game. My bad. Hey, I don’t really follow GB, give me a break.

    2. Agreed, but this week will be a great time to listen to sports talk radio and the “smartest fans in sports.”

        1. Touche, but I won’t be the guy calling WIP today saying the Eagles should bring back McNabb or declaring that the season is over because they got their doors taken off yesterday.

          1. Yeah, I’m not looking forward to those calls. It’s one game. Leave it in the past and get ready for the Cowboys.

  8. Willing to say CB + KY Jelly Scott put the keibash on the Eagles. Well done asshat, you could have made merch $$$ from a Super Bowl winning team but you busted a load with some stupid shield tees.

  9. Kyle, let’s be honest here… Have you sold a single one of those “Shield” Ts?

    And if so can you please tell us the douche that purchased one? (Aside from flaccid dick Jim).

    The Eagles didn’t lose because you made a shitty Tshirt. The Eagles lost because some out-of-touch dickhead actually bought one.

    Crossingbroad, your local leader in cumrag sales.


  10. Chip said to pick up the shield. He should now be saying to pick up the jocks of his cornerbacks who got burned all game.

  11. Please use the first 4 draft picks on this shit hole defense. Even Andy Reid knew when to pump the brakes when Lito, Shelton, and Michael Lewis were on the board in the same draft class.

  12. I’m surprised so many people actually thought we would win this game. You clueless dopes. It was a lock of the week for me $$. This team is 1-3 against potential playoff teams. Wake up.

  13. A first round pick for the defense would have been really nice to have for a game like that yesterday. We’ll have to put that on the “Things To Do” list for the draft next year.

    1. Haha yeah I can’t believe Smith didn’t even get in in the 4th quarter. I guess that should tell us what the coaches think about his ability.

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