Dez Bryant, Whose Teammate Tried to Kill Nolan Carroll, Says the Eagles are “Kinda Cheap”

Pictured: Dez Bryant being wrong.

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, who somehow escapes being yelled at by Jason Witten simply by yelling himself, thinks the Eagles were “being kinda cheap” yesterday. Feel free to read that aloud to the vine above, in which Dwayne Harris forgets he’s not in NFL Blitz (and is on the receiving team) and tries to murder Nolan Carroll.

Bryant told the collected media, presumably in a much more appropriate volume than he was using to address his teammates:

“I’m really not mad at all. They beat us and I’m going to accept that, but [expletive] can’t wait, but not looking past Chicago [on Dec. 4], but I cannot wait to go up there and play [Philadelphia] again, cannot wait.

They were being kinda cheap, that’s another story. It is what it is, I’ll get it cleaned up and I’ll be fine.”

I mean Bryant is right. If you want to see cheap play, just watch how Nolan Carroll totally forced Dwayne Harris to almost take his head off of his shoulders. What a disgrace.

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10 Responses

  1. i dont understand the new rules of football. why was that flagged? he blocked him too hard? he hit the guy when he wasnt looking? his job there is to stop the player from downing the ball. just because the guy wasnt looking makes it his fault? flag football starting in 2020. cant wait.

    1. I bet you complain about the war on christmas and defend Adrian Peterson constantly. Go back to South Philly douche.

  2. Says the guy who slaps his mom around and was embarassing his own defense by screaming at them all day on the sideline. This guy obviously is a barometer for classy behavior.

  3. Show me a Cowboy saying the Eagles were being cheap, and I’ll show you a pathetic, outclassed team trying to make excuses for getting embarrassed ON A NATIONAL LEVEL.

  4. What a glorious Thanksgiving. Instead of waiting until they come here in a few weeks, maybe he should have tried not to suck yesterday.

  5. Any tickets at Jerry’s World that are below the equivalent of their so called 700 level. At that level the players look like ants and you watch the game on the giant TV.

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