Donovan McNabb’s Power Rankings Get the AFC North (Almost) Completely Backwards

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There is some great football being played in the AFC North. Here are the current standings:

  1. Bengals (5-2-1)
  2. Steelers (6-3)
  3. Browns (5-3)
  4. Ravens (5-4)

It’s the only division in football where all the teams are over .500, but it would be hard to argue that the team in last place in the division – the 5-4, hot and cold Ravens – is actually the best team. Unless you’re Donovan McNabb, who gets the whole division (almost) backwards in his latest power rankings:

8. Ravens – Hard to say anything nice after a beat-down loss at home of their division rival.

13. Browns – Been saying it for weeks, and I’ll say it again: They need to run the ball much better.

14. Bengals – A.J. Green and Mohamed Sanu are turning into an elite receiving duo.

15. Steelers – Score alert: Ben Roethlisberger just threw another touchdown!

McNabb ranked the teams from best to worst in almost reverse order of their actual standings, not to mention that the Steelers, his 15th ranked team, just CRUSHED the Ravens, his eighth ranked team. And, you know, that tie always confused him.



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  1. How the fuck can this moron still be allowed to make a total fool of himself and get paid for it???
    He is so fuckin’ stupid! Maybe that’s why they keep him. To make us all laugh at this huge asshole!!!

    1. Sad to say, there are way dumber people giving a lot dumber opinions than Donnie…like 75% of E! spn.

  2. In Donny’s defense, regurgitating the NFL league standings from 1-32 is a waste of time. Taking some chances to rearrange teams to construct power rankings is the whole point. While you might disagree with #5’s barometer of the league right now, at least he’s making attempt to go beyond the standings to give his opinion of where teams rank right now.

  3. Jeebessss bwing me another pitcher of mimosa’s…hiccup….those Republican scoundrels!…hiccup…..sing with me Jweebes!…..”windmills keep on turnin…proud mary keep on rolling…rollin, rollin , rollin down the river…hiccup…

  4. Anyone else feel like somehow Levi from Overbrook is either a relative of Number 5 or even an older hologram of him?

  5. Damn who knew that Pittsburgh lb James Harrison would be this good at his age.

    Thought for sure that at this point in his career he was a washed up has been(guess I was wrong).

  6. Please stop picking on the mentally handicapped. I mean look at that head, that shit ain’t normal. Poor guy just trying to get by with extra chromosomes.

  7. Does not love you. How dare you question my knowledge.

    Tom Brady will not be in New England after this season, remember you heard it here first.

    *throws up on keyboard*

  8. On a side note. Not to be out done by Verizon’s “halfassed” commercial, Dunkin Donuts has “steak-n-egg”! Saying it like the old ” Fuckin’ A”!

  9. Sure looks like he was right about Cleveland. And most knowledgable people would put the Ravens ahead of the Steelers. Especially after the Steelers lose today. Bottom line is this site would criticize McNabb for eliminating jobs if he cured cancer. It’s a joke of a site. They killed him for daring to say Foles might not be a franchise QB. I hope he’s wrong but he seems to be more accurate about Foles than this site.

  10. If we wanted rankings in order of record we could look at the standings. It’s called an opinion, and Thursday night looked like it was an accurate one. This article looks like it was written by a bitter 13 year old.

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