Each Win Cost the Phillies $2.5 Million This Season

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this year, we learned that our local franchises aren’t great with money in general. The worst offenders, of course, were the Ruben Amaro-led, “throw players in a money machine loaded with player options and incentives” Phillies. And just how much of a disparity is there between player cost and play quality? About $2.5 million.

According to Sporting Charts, who calculated each MLB team’s “cost per win” (total payroll ÷ number of wins), the Phillies had the second-worst discrepancy between payroll and wins last season. Each win in 2014, all 73 of them, cost $2,466,476. That amount is second to only the LA Dodgers ($2,503,141 per win for 94 wins). Last year, the Phils were number three on the list, with a cost of $2,265,558 for each of their 73 wins. In 2012’s .500 season, Ruben’s cost-effectiveness was second-worst again, with a slightly lower $2,154,802 per win. In fact, the Phillies have been in the bottom ten since Ruben took over, with the disparity trending upward since the beginning.

We won’t know until next season starts how much any new signings or trades will affect either of these numbers — Yasmani Tomas may add a lot more to one number than he possibly could to the other — but I’m just hoping Ruben doesn’t take these numbers literally and think spending an extra $25 million will net him ten more wins. He’s gonna do that isn’t he?

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