Howard Eskin Sends out Tweet Saying Jonathan Papelbon, Cliff Lee and Marlon Byrd Are Bad Clubhouse Guys

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Howard’s getting killed for not elaborating on this Tweet, and though there are few things I enjoy more than skewering Eskin, he’s probably right-on here. Let’s unpack it a little:

Jonathan Papelbon: Least surprising thing ever.

Cliff Lee: I’m sort of a Cliff Lee fan, so admitting this is… difficult for me, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything positive about him as a person, from locker room to out-and-about encounters. I reached out to a few folks who would know better than me (or Howard), and one of them used the phrase “borderline clubhouse cancer” to describe Lee. Now, whether his teammates feel that way is unknown, but still, that’s disappointing.

Marlon Byrd: His name was most surprising, if only because you didn’t hear or read much negative about him all season. He also had a pretty good year. But the consensus from the folks I talked to was that his demeanor got progressively worse as the season went on. Of course, that could also be a side-effect of playing for the Phillies.

While “bad guys in clubhouse” may not be the best way to describe them, at the very least it doesn’t sound like they’re the type of guys the Phillies want around their younger players. Whatever happened to that famed great clubhouse of the late-oughts?


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  1. I hope we keep them and their attitude rubs off on the younger players. This way we can trade/release them and hopefully replace them with GOOD young players.

  2. Papelbon looks like he would be the guy that would take rookie hazing to far and seems like an obnoxious douche.

  3. three guys who actually hate to lose and make it known

    – that makes them bad in the clubhouse

    – we need more Jimmys, Chases and Howards, who don’t seem to care at all about losing

    1. Sounds to me like guys who voice their displeasure at how upper management has fucked this team over get labeled as bad clubhouse guys. Eskin is probably getting spoon-fed this bullshit by Rube.

  4. Always remember that the people who write about these clubhouse cancers are ones that need these guys to give them something because they are on deadline.

    Marlon Byrd may or may not be a clubhouse cancer but if doesn’t give reporters who surely annoy him a good quote every now and then, it doesn’t surprise me that we hear stuff like this.

  5. Papelbon a cancer in the clubhouse is the equivalent of Eskin being a cancer to his coworkers at 94wip.

    But unlike Papelbon everyone at 94wip hates Eskin and wants to beat the living crap out of him.

  6. Howard Eskin is a slice of dick cheese. No one takes anything he says seriously. The man has no audience and tries to stay relevant by making wild accusations on twitter and hoping one sticks.

    Howard, you are a dick cheese…

    …and take off the hipster glasses, you irrelevant jerkoff.

    1. Don’t know but going from working 5 days a week(3 – 7pm) to a 2hr weekend shift is pretty shitty when you think about it.

  7. Why the hell does anyone in their right mind read anything this guys writes or listen to anything he has to say?

  8. I wish I had a single fuck to give about this team…but sadly I do not. As long as Rube is running the show and it’s the same bullshit every year, I simply do not care.

  9. Guy I know coached an over 40 team in Clearwater. Eskin signed up for the team.
    shows up wearing a Mets cap and t shirt. Coach benched him.

  10. Papelbon is obvious. Byrd, less so.

    I really, really like Cliff Lee so it’s a bummer to have even more confirmation that he is a total dick. He seems like a guy who blames everyone else for shit all the time and can hold a grudge like none other. I guess not everyone can be as perfect and wonderful as Chase Utley 🙁

  11. Rube fucked this team ofcourse you’re gonna have bad attitudes the team is horrible. How amaro still has a job in this town is beyond me.

  12. Everyone doesn’t want to believe this but Cliff Lee is a total douche on and off the field. Definitely not a team player and only out there for himself.

    1. Not a team player? It’s baseball for God’s sake. What, he’s going to throw the ball in the dirt at first base because he hates Ryan Howard? He’s not going to try and lay down a bunt to move a runner over? You’re nuts!

      1. How about not doing much to guide/mentor the younger guys (especially as a veteran). Or not being much of a leader in the clubhouse. There are other intangibles besides on-the-field play that can make your teammates better. That’s the definition of a team player, ole clueless one.

        1. Oh tone deaf one. What ‘younger guys’ are you talking about? Where are they? Are you talking about spring training? GTFOH!

  13. Amazing how the teams use the media. Birds did it by dropping the Desean Jackson gang stuff, and now with the “We really were not happy w/ Foles, so Sanchez is soooo much better” stuff. Now, Phils getting this out so it will look good when they get NOTHING for them…. and the reporters (Eckel, Eskin, and the blogger guy no one heard of before…) think they are being “investagative journalists”

  14. Ask around. Not hard to find stories about Cliff Lee being a douche. Nothing to do with losing either. Rube and Monty had to go yell at him to get out of the clubhouse and go sign autographs for the fans at the Phillies ALS Festival. This was for fans who paid money to an ALS charity for his signature, and he could have given two shits. And this was back in ’11 or ’12, before the nightmare that is the current Phillies had really revealed itself.

  15. I feel like Cliff was fine until Paps started being a real douche. They live in the same complex in Rittenhouse so i’m sure they are together a lot. Shame cause Cliff seemed really cool in 2009 and when he first signed here again.

  16. Eskin is almost never right with his leaks. This one he got right by default.

    Papelbon and Lee being bad influences in the clubhouse is common knowledge. I cant say I blame them. They both came here to win not play alongside Kyle Kendrick, Delmon Young and the Nixingtons etc etc. . Byrd is a bit of a surprise.

  17. Im late to the party, this Eskin dude has what type of bio in Philly radio?

  18. I agree Eskin is wrong often, and sides with management in the hopes of getting insider info.

    I definitely saw a change in Cliff since Papelbon came on Board. He didn’t have this reputation when he hung around CC Sabathia on a losing Cleveland team. Similarly with good teams, but with Michael Young in Texas, Raul & Cole here. Up until the last incident, he seemed publicly to be cooperative with reporters but has clearly taken on a crude, ungrateful demeanor (All Star Game).

    I love watching him pitch and agree he’s insanely competitive and this awful team doesn’t help that.

    But athletes need to remember they are in the entertainment business and should show respect to fans, and by virtue, the media. You don’t want fans to feel foolish or disheartened for routing for their team. (Although I guess that can’t be avoided now).

    His behavior definitely seems to be heavily influenced by others — good & bad. Shipping Papelbon wouldn’t bother me one bit as I don’t even enjoy watching him pitch, never mind his boorishness.

  19. Eskin (though a complete loser and hypocrit) was on the money here. Lee is a follower who latched onto Pap and has been a knucklehead ever since. I haven’t heard too much about Byrd. You’d hope Rollins, Hamels, Utley or Howard would sack up a little but they just

  20. I want to try to defend Lee a bit. I’ve met the guy a couple of times and he was actually very nice. What I think gets him this bad rep is he is obviously not a people person. Like he’s obviously trying but he’s terrible at conversing with strangers. Kinda reminds me of most hockey players I’ve seen.

    I think his biggest crime is being an introvert in an occupation that demands openness and conversing with fans. It’s kind of where Chase Utley was at but while I think Chase matured and learned to deal with it, Lee never really got there. I don’t think he’s a bad presence in the clubhouse though. Just not good with reporters and fans.

    Pabelbon is a dickbag though.

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