Jason Kelce, Everyman, Reunited Soldiers and Their Families

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Eagles - Katie Tang
Photo Credit: Philadelphia Eagles – Katie Tang

As part of Jason Kelce’s partnership with Dietz & Watson — the most everyman of all the everymen is the one who partners with lunchmeat — he faked out the families of a couple of soldiers. The families of Tech Sargent Silmer Carmona and Senior Airman of the International Guard Tariq Fladger were told that they had won a contest to eat a home-cooked Dietz & Watson meal made by Kelce, and were probably hoping he’d wear a beard net. But it was all really just a setup to reunite the families with their loved ones who were returning home. [And it all happened in the shadow of Crossing Broad Global Headquarters, at Horsham Air Guard Station.]

“Seeing it on TV doesn’t actually compare to being there in person,” Kelce said of the surprise. “In being here tonight, I got to see the genuine joy and excitement when the families found out that Tony (Carmona) and Tariq were there. I got to see something really special and I was just happy to be here with all of this.”

The soldiers were also given personalized jerseys and tickets to the Nov. 23rd game against the Titans.


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    1. And its Sergeant not sargent. I literally cannot believe you actually thought it was international guard, it’s gone beyond offensive and has become mind-boggling that you actually get paid to do this. Fuckin’ check your work you lazy piece of shit, better yet just quit.

      Also they are not Soldiers, they are Airman, but knowing that would require research.

      1. Honestly Kyle- Jim’s stupidity and laziness are in a fight to the finish. Most of the time, his slop either isn’t worth the read because it’s several days old, or, his pathetic inability to structure sentences is nauseating.

        You do realize this moron, with his “seargent” and “international guard”
        Is a horrendous reflection on the brand your building ? You do realize this buffoon, and every one of his careless blunders makes your Tshirts that much lamer, yes?

        Get your house in order, Kyle.

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