Jason Peters Had No Idea Nick Foles Was Out

Yesterday, the Eagles lost Nick Foles to what is likely to be a broken clavicle early in the game and Mark Sanchez replaced him. Jason Peters did not notice:

“Actually I didn’t even know Foles was out. [We] threw that bomb to Maclin and I turned around to congratulate him and it was Sanchez. I didn’t even know the guy was out until then so I started looking for him but he had gone in for x-rays.”

One major side effect of a strict no-huddle offense? Your o-line has no idea who the quarterback is.


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  1. As previously noted, this is extremely late news.

    Also, this is an obvious ploy to build the confidence of Sanchez. Peters has been around long enough to know what’s going on. No real news to see here, try again Jim.

  2. Does anyone else feel this post is racist?

    They are saying Jason Peters is a dumb black O-Lineman. You dont hear anything about Kelse, L. Johnson, Herremans, etc..not knowing what QB was in the game.

    I think the NAACP should know about this.

    Thanks for listening.

  3. This is some high quality game breakdown. Your in depth analysis is unworldly. This is a nothing story.

    As stated earlier…this was on Deadspin wayyy before you posted it.

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