JayVaughn Pinkston’s Monster Block Sealed the Deal for Villanova over Michigan

JayVaughn Pinkston scored the go-ahead bucket in the final minute and then blocked Michigan’s Zak Irvin with five seconds to play to seal the deal – and the Liberty Classic – for Villanova.

Here are the full highlights with Ryan Fannon’s radio call. JVP block at around 2:00:

via VUHoops.com


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  1. So, it the day before the biggest game of the year thus far for the Eagles. Is they any coverage on that game tomorrow? Nope, Villanova won though. Oh, and radio wars.

    1. What coverage would you like? The Eagles and Cowboys do play tomorrow. Tony Romo plays for the Cowboys. It’s on Thanksgiving.

        1. Yea man. Give Kile a break. What do you want from him? He can only hit Refresh at Deadspin so fast. And he is listening to both WIP and the Fanatic. Do you want him to listen to them louder?

          How else is he going to find content for his site?

  2. Great. No one cares.

    I feel like there is this really big sporting event coming up that you guys haven’t even mentioned at all. I can’t put my finger on it but it feels like a huge oversight.

  3. Two absolutely spectacular wins from the Wildcats this week. It is awesome being a fan of this school right now.

    I’m always confused by the hate you receive on these posts. Nova is a Big 5 school right? They are also the only SUCCESSFUL Big 5 school right now in the college basketball universe. Why not mention it on a Philly Sports blog? Maybe you should have highlighted the absolute DRUBBING that St. Joe’s received from Gonzaga a little bit more. Then everyone would be happy.

    The folks that keep hating on your posts obviously keep reading your site, so no worries there. If they want to be force fed solely Eagles football, they should probably turn on 610 WIP.

    I love these posts. Please continue to post any and all Philly college basketball related information. It is welcome.

    In related news, massive game for the Birds on Turkey Day. Connor Barwin is a beast. McCoy is finally finding his stride. Cannot wait. Birds W all the way.

    1. If you like Nova coverage go to Benchwarmers and read it all day long. As I have said before, this site loses more cred everytime it banners something like a Nova November hoops game. Its supposed to be a Philly sports scene coverage, with a few noteworthy headlines.

      A Nova bball game in November. Kyle, its a good thing you dont a space editor !!!

      Put down your pom poms.

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