Mathis in, Herremans out as Eagles Put Together 13th Different O-line Combo of the Season

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Kyle mentioned that Todd Herremans’ season was likely in jeopardy, even though there was a chance he could play through his bicep tear, but it looks like Kyle (and some common sense) was right: Herremans will undergo surgery and miss the remainder of the season. However, Evan Mathis returns this week, something that wasn’t really a coincidence:

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.49.53 AM

You really do have to love this team (in fact, you can send your love for Nick Foles, DeMeco Ryans, and Todd Herremans on their road to recovery over here). With Herremans out and Mathis back in, the offensive line for Monday night’s game against the Panthers looks like this, from left to right: Jason Peters, Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, Matt Tobin, Lane Johnson. That configuration is, according to Rueben Frank, the Eagles’ sixth different starting line in nine weeks, and thirteenth different o-line configuration overall. Frank says, “The Eagles have used three starting left guards, two centers, two right guards and four right tackles,” and yet, the patchwork line has allowed only 11 sacks, the third-best number in the NFL.


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  1. If Nick Foles doesn’t return to play for the Eagles in 2014, there’s a chance he’ll never play for the team again. According to, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman has “soured” on Foles and doesn’t see the quarterback in the team’s long-term future.
    “I think Howie is looking at quarterbacks,” a source told “He’s kind of soured on Foles, and I don’t think he’s alone. The organization isn’t sold that he’s the guy going forward.”

    1. +1

      This is Kyle’s new deal…censoring comments that offend his sensibilties.

      It’s funny that he was on here the other day lecturing people on a sports blog about global warming while at the same time trying to convince them that it’s not a political issue…even though it is, considering the UN and every other idiot politician brings it up whenever they can.

      Clueless doesn’t begin to describe his grasp on reality. This site blows nuts.

      1. One of my comments was put on moderation bc I linked a deadspin article that I knew Kyle was gonna steal and what do you know he steals the story from deadspin and he never approved my comment lmao what a chode

  2. With all due respect to Herramans,I really don’t see much of a dropoff with Matt Tobin taking over for him,and I pretty much expect the run game to pick up,especially with Evan Mathis returning against the Panthers.

    Eagles 31
    Panthers 20

  3. This may have been your worst abomination yet Jim in terms of context, punctuation, sentence structure and content.

    You use dictation software, right ? Go ahead, blame it on that.

    This whole Crossing Broad thing is temporary for you, correct?

    Ok- back to doing some downward dog for Kyle while wearing that pair of 11yo boys sweatpants. Off you go, Jimbo.

  4. I dislike the hipster team that’s been assembled with Barwin, Kelce and Mathis….but at least they can ball. Luckily I root for the laundry and not the people in them (see, e.g., Vick, Mike).

    Oh and never forget that a scant few years ago, Kelce ripped the fans as a rookie and was public enemy number one. {FYI, Kyle has forgotten} Also don’t forget that Andy Reid built the offensive personnel of this team.

  5. Why yes, Kyle’s the one “who was right” in first calling this. He actually broke the story about the severity of Herremans injury. He didn’t get that from any other legit reporter and just re-paste it here. Fucking blowhole douchebag you are Jim.

  6. Fuck Andy Reid. For obvious reasons, I can’t reveal the name of the Hall Of Famer who said ” We knew from day one he (Reid) was a lousy play caller”.

    Kyle’s job is to put information out there into the vast wasteland that is entertainment.
    Opinions and Viewpoints are what make this country still great.
    be thankfull we can still do this.

    is Chip Kelly gonna trade Shady ?

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