Mike Missanelli and Charles Barkley Made a Bet Where they Lose and We Win as Long as the Sixers Lose

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers, currently 0-14, actually played one of their better games this year against the Trailblazers last night. Yet, still a loss. This is bound to happen many more times this season, but how long will it be before the Sixers have a one in that win column? Mike Missanelli and Charles Barkley made a little bet about it.

Missanelli and Barkley both figure it’ll be a while before the Sixers win their first game, so they might as well get a little something out of it. Missanelli and Barkley agreed to a bet which states Missanelli will donate $200 to a charity of Barkley’s choice for each loss (thus losing money), and Barkley will join the Mike Missanelli Show the day after every Sixers loss (thus having to do stuff, which Charles hates). This will continue until they win that first game. The Sixers getting that first win so everyone can shut up about it would be nice, but money to charity is aways good and so is more Sir Charles on the radio.

But there is a technicality, according to the press release: “The 76ers are currently 0 and 14 and will play the San Antonio Spurs on Monday, Dec 1st the day the bet begins. If the 76ers win a game before that, the bet is off.” That leaves the Nets and Mavericks as the Sixers’ only possible bet-cancelling wins, so this thing will probably remain intact.


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  1. You gotta love how the “almighty mikey miss” was talking out of the white guilt / moral compass side of his mouth today in regards to Ferguson. You also gotta love the callers that call-in to get Mike’s take like he’s the be-all and end-all on the matter… like they’re trying to figure out what “Daddy” thinks so they can know how to feel and go preach his word. Jon Marks does the same thing “can’t wait to hear what Mikey Miss has to say about Sunday’s game today so I know how I should feel about the Eagles”.

    Mikey Miss is a fraud. He’s the one calling people gay or cheering on injuries. What a joke. Now he’s a parody of himself.

    1. anybody catch this ultra liberal douche get real giddy when a black sports media member like Barkley came on his show, like he was just going to agree with all of his mindless views. Newsflash mikey, not all black people play the race/victim card, and clearly Charles showed you he wasn’t one of them. Listening to that racist Missanelli squirm while Barkley preached the truth about Ferguson was beautiful radio. He quickly changed topics since sir Charles was not going along with his anti-whitey rhetoric.

      1. Mike isn’t racist. He has something called “white guilt” and views the world through the lense of a college classroom. In his head, all of this stuff makes sense but obviously in the real world it is useless. Id love to drop his ass off in the ghetto on a Friday night and watch him talk his way out of a strong arm robbery. That clown would come crawling and crying back to the police so quick.

        1. I agree, he’s the poster boy for “white guilt”. I still consider him a racist because he continues to look at black people as subordinate in practicing his white guilt. Ferguson has been an ugly situation but i mostly blame the media for letting it get out of control, nobody wanted to report the facts when they were there.

    2. Great take. Couldn’t agree with you more when it comes to old man mike miss and his white guilt. He’s an embarrassment to the Italian race. Really white people in general should be ashamed that that bum rules the afternoon.

  2. Still can’t get over mike miss cheering that victor Cruz injury. What a fraud pos

  3. 97.5 is for frauds. listening to 97.5 would be the equivalent of rooting for an expansion nfl team based out of north philly. that station blows. seriously how to people listen to that trash.

    1. I’m of fan of Harry and Bwest/Baldy…..so after 12pm, I’m done listening to sports talk radio

  4. They talk football. If I want to hear news commentary I watch CNN or Fox News. Don’t need a sports talk host giving his opinions about unrelated to sports topics. If Mike is bored talking sports tell him to apply for a job with NPR.

    1. Haha +1

      Other then the gargano & Ellis nonsense at least they keep it sports & have good guests

  5. Mike Miss, I know you will read these comments. I know you are a liberal (sorry, “party of Mike”) but as long as you make reasonable points I don’t really care. However, during your show today, you mentioned how you saw fire trucks sitting around and letting fires burn. And your reasoning was they let it burn to make the protesters look worse (haha, let the city burn). First off, that is irresponsible and inflammatory from someone in your position (and claiming to be a reasonable person). Second, how can you take shots at the Ferguson FD when they were in an impossible situation. Dozens of fires were being set all over the city and gunfire was everywhere. Roaming bands of looters and criminals were destroying everything in site. These firemen were doing the best they could without taking unnecessary risks to be killed. If you don’t remember saying this, listen back to your show, you clearly made this comment. You clearly take issue with the white run judicial system and you are entitled to that. But to take cheap shots at innocent firemen in an impossible situation because you are upset you didn’t get an indictment is crossing the line.

    1. Spot on with the fire department analysis. Irresponsible and cheap. Even more evidence he’s an imposter and a fraud bc clearly catering to a certain demographic.

    2. Great point and analysis. But i doubt little man Miss would ever take responsibility, he would just say “you need to look within” or some cliche catch phrase like that.

  6. Did anyone notice how Mike Miss told his callers that they are viewing the Ferguson disaster from the eyes of a white person and are wrong but when Barkley said the exact same points he quickly changed topics?

    1. Barkley is an intelligent guy. He’s weathy enough that he is not impacted by black culture’s thirst for destruction. Mike Miss is a fraud.

  7. Hey guys! I just moved to philadelphia from South Carolina. Could any one give me any recommendations on a good sports talk host? I’m looking for someone who claims to be from philadelphia but actually grew up in Washington township who also portrays your typical Italian guido stereotype. I also hope he has an exaggerated laugh and talks about food a lot and makes sounds like “ohhhhhhhhh” “ahhhhhhh”. I know this is a lot to ask for but I got my fingers crossed. Love the city so far! – Doug
    P.s – if he has children and enjoys talking about them all the time that’d be great!

  8. Mike Miss was so excited to talk about the Ferguson riots today. Here is a question. If a white kid with a police record had just committed a robbery (caught on camera) and was shot and killed by a black or Hispanic cop after the white kid fought with the cop, would anyone care? More importantly, I as a white person would thank the cop as I would consider that person to be a thug criminal who could potentially rob me. But for some reason, black people hold Travon Martin and Mike Brown up as cultural heroes. It’s sad that the black community views these clowns as their equals and not as embarrassments to their race.

  9. Hey everyone, I’m back.

    Only to pop into mention that Bitchinelli is the biggest piece of shit on the planet. I hate him and his ugly dago face. That greasy wop.

  10. Liberals consider me a conservative. Conservatives think I am a liberal. I have a mind of my own and make my own decisions. Socially, I lean to the left. That being said, Missanelli is an embarrassment. His “second level thinking” is no more than making less intelligent people look at a subject through his lense. I could do the same to him if I ever felt like calling his show, but I can’t listen that long. His callers are mostly slow and the staff at that station -like Marks and Brace, are just dumb. Mike is the senior stuck on the JV and elected to be the captain. He is an average IQ and tremendous self esteem issues. He tries so hard to build himself up asa young progressive hipster, yet he is just the embarrassing old guy that had heart problems at a concert for teenagers. He is pathetic.

    I especially laugh at him when someone wants to debate him and when backed into a corner he calls them a “hater”. He then proclaims that sense he called you a hater you can’t have an opinion. Like a 12 year old in a North Philly school yard. Pathetic, tiny, little, fake tough guy.

  11. Anyone else get annoyed with the dirty white hipsters that protest? Hate them

  12. I interned over at 975. They do troll this site, not only looking for content to talk about on-air (pathetic, I mean they’re getting paid to talk about Philly sports yet using this site as a free resource to reduce the legwork?) as well as read the comments. Man, do they get butt hurt about them too! Keep the comments coming, they’ll read them I assure you.

  13. I am amazed at how many people claim to hate the Mike Missinelli show, yet can give us minute by minute details of what he said on his yesterday.

  14. I love Charles . He seems to be the only person in the country that can speak his mind, be unapologetic for what he says, get away with everything he says and not be called out for it.

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