Pat Shurmer Says the Eagles Can Basically Coach Around Their Average Quarterbacks

Bro, sweeeeeeeeeet. I have two legs and an arm!

Pat Shurmur, speaking to the media today, said that the Eagles run a quarterback-friendly system, meaning that as long as someone has two legs, a couple of lungs, and an arm capable of 240 degree rotation at the shoulder, they can probably succeed as a quarterback on the Eagles.

Here’s Shurmer via Birds 24/7 over at Philly Mag:

“I think we run a quarterback-friendly system,” said Pat Shurmur, “as long as you’re a good decision-maker. The number one attribute for a quarterback is being able to make good, solid decisions. Then you have to have a sense of timing. Then you have to be an accurate thrower. And really all three of the guys we’ve been talking about — Nick, Mark and Matt [Barkley] — can all do those things.”

What makes it QB friendly?

“It’s friendly because the progressions are pretty cut and dry, where we want the football to go based on what the defense [is showing]. And then you always factor in matchups. We don’t bog them down with a lot of silly things and so the ball can come out quickly.”

He came dangerously close to describing the oft-coveted, potentially mythical, quarterback-proof offense. On our podcast yesterday, we talked to BGN Radio’s John Barchard, who rehashed a discussion those guys had on their show in which they argued that Chip Kelly’s offense – unlike most of the potent offenses of the last 10-15 years – may not require a star quarterback, but merely one capable of identifying mismatches (something Kelly’s offense is built around) and delivering balls to often wide-open receivers.

Here’s how John described it:

“You saw Michael Vick come in here and have success, and then he got injured. And then you had Nick Foles go crazy and put up 27 touchdowns. You saw guys that had career years —Shady and Jackson, now Maclin’s having the same thing, Cooper [last year] and Foles had an amazing year last year. That all doesn’t just happen, you know? So I think that in the Eagles offense, the quaterback is really a secondary position. It’s a system and philosophy that relies heavy on the run game and getting the ball out quickly to your playmakers and let them make the play.”

“It’s interesting … I don’t know if there is a dummy-proof system for quarterbacking, but I think things come in cycles and the NFL will go back to being a run heavy, quick league at some point. I’m so happy the Eagles have this, it’s not revolutionary, it’s just simple and it’s very reactionary, which is what football should be. That’s it. Win your match ups. It’s really complicated and awesome and simple all at the same time.”

In other words: two legs, two lungs, one brain and an arm capable of movement. Last I checked, Sanchez has all of those things. I’m now 86% sold on him as the Eagles’ QB. Who wants to help me bring it home?!