Philadelphia’s Second Casino will be Built at the Sports Complex


After years of considering multiple proposals and presentations, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has finally awarded Philadelphia’s second casino license, and it’s going to replace the Holiday Inn.

As reported by The Inquirer, the board voted unanimously to award the license to Live! Hotel and Casino, at the proposed site of 900 Packer Ave. The Live! proposal calls for 2,000 slot machines, 125 table games, and a 220-room hotel (renovated from the existing Holiday Inn). Additionally, the venue proposal included six restaurants and a music venue.

And maybe once (if) they legalize sports gambling, you can place your margin of defeat bet before heading to the Sixers game.

[Editor’s note: I’m sure this place will be totally great and not at all trashy or a disappointment like Xinfity Live!:

But for real– sports gambling cometh.]


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    1. Perfect, can’t wait to see you get mugged by a 73-year-old Chinese woman on the way to a Phillies game!

    1. It will also be home to a number of crooked loan sharks,looking to take advantage of some gambling degenerates.

    2. Well, you could make the argument that its these casinos in Philly and else where that are causing AC’s downfall. I mean, people are going to gamble but this way they don’t have to go all the way to AC to do it.

  1. Yo Yo Yo another place to chase down some fine ladies. You know there will be some hotties bopping around here. Time to start jerkin the gherkin and warming up the skullshaver.

    1. Haha, “warming up the skull shaver”. Of course that talentless wigger hack will just strap on a flat brimmed Angels cap. Needs to keep the street cred with the brothas.

  2. Xinfity? You know what’s sad? I saw that misspelling and I thought, “oh man, Jim wrote this.” And then I looked and saw I was correct. C’mon Jim, get it together.

    1. I’m convinced that Jim doesn’t really exist. It’s just Kyle when he is doing a half-assed job of his typical half-assed blog. Quarter-ass? Then everybody blames Jim.

  3. Lets be fair, Philly Live! was created pre-real estate bubble burst. It got watered down to what’s now Xfinity Live! They always said at some point they would go back and revisit the plan. It looks like it’s still a cost savings scope from the original vision because where the Vet used to sit was supposed to be a four-star hotel, indoor mall area, etc.. Now they’re renovating the Holiday Inn. I really wish they’d expand Xfinity and close the gap between it and the WFC. Eagles game days and any mulit-event days (Phils/Concert, etc.) place is a nightmare.

    1. Agreed. I thought the Spectrum was a cool spot to see a concert. I was sad to see it go, but I was excited at what Philly Live! was supposed to be. Like you said, the real estate market going in the shitter wound up forcing them to majorly scale back their plans, and what they have now is a disappointment (unless you like fights or seeing bros in tight polo shirts and trucker caps drunkenly trying to ride a mechanical bull)

      1. You’ve got that right. I like Victory most and then Bullies. Spectrum Grill is way over priced for the quality/quantity of food they serve. PBR’s…..where do I begin? Ugh! Nothing like looking up seeing some chicks c-section scare while you’re downing a beer.

  4. You can’t mention a place where Jon, Sean or Mike work. No free speech. What in KC’s breasts is going on here.

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