Randy Miller Reports that Claude Giroux has a Lower Body Injury According to “Someone”

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Last night, Claude Giroux was evaluated by team doctors — and missed the season ticket holders event — but the Flyers tweeted that he was fine. Today, though, Giroux is not practicing, Berube doesn’t seem to know what is happening, and “someone” is going around telling Randy Miller that it’s a lower-body injury. We’ll have more on this when we know more, so hopefully “someone” gets in touch with us. Or, you know, just tweets something.


6 Responses

  1. Pretty sure he’s just throwing this shit out there on the off chance that every other beat writer is wrong and it’s not a concussion.

  2. Haven’t been shoveled this much injury confusion since the Lindros/Clarkie wars at the turn of the century… Here’s my conspiracy theory:

    1. Giroux decided to no-show season tix holder event…
    2. To cover, PR team initially states he’s being evaluated…
    3. Then quickly change their story to “actually, he’s fine” once concussion rumors start flying
    4. Team is internally disciplining their [non-leader] captain, leading to sudden “lower body injury” (which, unless it’s an amputation, still shouldn’t have prevented him from showing up at Monday night event)

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