Report: CB West Also Dabbled in Racism

pic via CB West Facebook page
pic via CB West Facebook page

At this pace, maybe new info will stop coming out just in time for the 2015 season. According to The Intelligencer in Doylestown, now-former CB West coach Brian Hensel had met with the school’s principal and director of athletics multiple times this year to discuss instances of “ethnic and racial bullying” last season. Those incidents reportedly led to Hensel and his staff attending sensitivity training.

The Intelligencer’s source said that the coach knew about it, but did nothing to stop it or report it [I’m sensing a trend] and it “took the parents of the kids who were bullied to let the principal know about it.” The paper’s source also said that Hensel and his staff’s refusal to sign the code of conduct dealt with the passage on player injury, which read:

Coaches Have A Responsibility To: Communicate and cooperate with registered medical practitioners in the diagnoses, treatment and management of their athletes’ medical and psychological problems. Consider the athlete’s future health and well being as foremost when making decisions regarding an injured athlete’s ability to continue playing or training

Hensel said he and his staff would not sign the code of conduct because he felt it did not completely protect them from liability. So the CB West story, which started with just hazing, now involves racial bullying and (likely) worries about dealing with player concussions. Throw in a sex scandal or a racist team name and you’ve pretty much got the perfect football story.


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  1. And another nice non-story from Jim. So some football highschool coaches took some sensitivity training? Who cares? Jim you could use some journalism training. Talentless crumb. #firejim

    Oh and how are our CB West T’s coming along Kyle? We haven’t issued any new cumrags in awhile, hit me up pal!

  2. Man, Jim is really on top of this story and won’t let it die. He’s ready to pounce and expose them for all they’re worth. If only people cared anymore.

  3. This is my hometown. This story gives me an idea for a new song about arrogant selfish rich white kids.

  4. “Throw in a sex scandal or a racist team name and you’ve pretty much got the perfect football story.”

    I kinda think the original scandal was really a sex scandal anyway wasn’t it? A gay one, but a sex scandal sure enough. “nipple licking” groin licking” humping of stuffed animals”. And that’s what we know of.

  5. I take the bus to broad and Olney get a transfer pass to Kensington and somerset, suck two dicks for ten bucks then get a bag Of dope. Whatever happens after that is gravy. My little brother plays football for cb west by the way.

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