Roundup: NCAA Regionals in Philly, More Mo’ne, the (Fake) Death of Mr. Met



After becoming the first female pitcher to ever win a game in the Little League World Series — and racking up all of the acclaim (and media coverage) that came with that — Mo’Ne Davis will release her memoirs next year. How a teen has memoirs, I do not know, but HarperCollins will publish Mo’ne Davis: Remember My Name under their children’s books umbrella, and the book will be co-written with (or “as told to”) Hilary Beard.

NCAA Tournament

Two great pieces of news on the March Madness front:

1. We get to start calling the round of 64 the “first round” again after the NCAA pretended those play-in games were anything other than a way for them to make more money.
2. The 2016 men’s basketball tournament’s East Regional games will be played at the Wells Fargo Center.

LaSalle will play the role of “host institution” and the other sites for the regional round are Chicago, Louisville, and Anaheim. The 2016 Final Four will be played at NRG Stadium, where they have some experience with basketball court-style floors.


Twitter-hero FanSince09 has released a new conspiracy-driven (and mocking) sports podcast, which should put you in the right mindset for whatever the Phils are going to do this offseason.

And on a slow and dreary day, you can take solace in the fact that Mr. Met is dead. The Onion’s newest spinoff site, Clickhole, reported the death of the “baseball-headed demon” today, at the age of 10,000. In mourning his passing, Clickhole gave us this amazing image:

The world loved Mr. Met’s boisterous performances during Mets games and the way he would walk calmly to the stadium’s boiler room after games and stand motionless, facing the wall, all night long until the next game began.

This could have all happened years ago of course, because of the Phanatic.


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    2. whatever happened to should pads guy sean? Never hear him on Angelo anymore. He’s a lot better to listen to over Shirley

  1. times have changed kids today get rewarded for losing or impersonating boys!

  2. Wow Jim Adair, all new levels of creepy with your ongoing obsession with Mo’Ne Davis.

    Ps She has lesbian written all over here so you can clean up that “Mo’Ne turns 18 countdown” written in blood on your walls

  3. The rest of the country no longer gives a shit about this girl, so why do you Jim?


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