Senators/Leafs Fan Fight on the Suite Level Gets Real Dangerous

This is what happens when fans get into a shouting match at an arena where the beer is near-disposable due to the third-lowest beer prices in the NHL: At last night’s Senators vs. Maple Leafs game, a shouting match in the stands turned into something much scarier.

As you can see in the video above, a Senators fan is caught in a shouting match with a Maple Leafs fan, while one lowly usher stands between them. As the confrontation seems to heat up, Leafs fan’s friend comes over from the side and dumps a full beer on the Senators fan’s head. When the Senators fan tuns to react to the full dousing, he gets a cheap shot from the other Leafs fan, and then it gets much worse.

Depending on how you look at it, the Leafs fan either leaps onto the Senators fan or is pulled down and they both go for a big fall on the arena’s concrete stairs. This, by the way, all takes place on the Suite Level of Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre. Neither man gets up by the time the video ends 30 seconds later, and security is still nowhere to be found.

h/t @TimpalaMcMuffin

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10 Responses

    1. People hold their phones verically naturally. People aren’t idiots for taking videos like this, they just aren’t thinking ahead about how it will turn out.

      something happens real quick, they are thinking “O crap, let me record this” not..”well people viewing this are going to be midly inconvienced, let me turn it and use two hands so peole don’t me”.

      Don’t know why manufatures cant just naturally flip the imgae to record wide screen by defualt unless turned off. That is where you should take your complaint

      1. I agree that “libtard” should be shut down but “faux news” is equally as pathetic. Also, don’t be a little winy bitch, if you are tree hugging do gooder, drop dead.

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