Steve Mason Has a New Mask, Hates the Wells Fargo Center Lights, Is Still Having Trouble Stopping Pucks

pic via Flyers Instagram
pic via Flyers Instagram


I know, I know– I called him a top 5 caliber goalie or something. Still think he’s got the potential– he’s just inconsistent. And his excuse, about the new LED lighting system at the Wells Fargo Center, isn’t really helping things. Here’s what he told Frank Seravalli:

“I’ve had a lot of trouble tracking the puck in the lighting,” Mason said last week. “I don’t know the right term. It’s just a weird glow out there. With how bright it is, you think it would be clearer.

“It’s almost too white out there, if that makes any sense.”

To be clear: Mason made it a point to say that the lighting system is not to blame for his winless start to the season. In fact, he has said time and time again that he needs to be better – even if the truth is that the Flyers have given him very little support.

Interesting. The Flyers are using the same new lighting system* as the Sixers (which I love). For basketball, that sort of directional lighting is great. But maybe not so much for hockey. Mason mentioned to Seravalli that the darker backdrop of the crowd makes picking up the puck more difficult. There are no plans to adjust the lights at the moment, because Mason apparently hasn’t expressed his displeasure with them to the team… and perhaps because Ray Emery doesn’t seem to be plagued by the same problem.

I checked with Comcast Spectacor spokesperson Ike Richman, and contrary to my initial thought, the lighting system is wholly owned by Comcast Spectacor, not the Sixers, and uses different configurations for basketball and hockey. “A combination of dual use and different fixtures are used to specifically focus the light over the different playing surfaces,” Richmand said.

Anyway, yeah, Steve Mason has a new mask. I don’t even know what this post is about anymore. Lights, masks, Mason. I need a beer.

*This isn’t the new 3D projection system we’re talking about. It’s the actual in-game lights.


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  1. It hard to stop puck when the forwards and dmen in front of you just stand there. I mean is it his fault the Flyers could only score 1 goal against the panthers?

    Did anyone else notice the second Vinny is inserted back into the lineup , tr offense dies. VINNY SUCKS

    1. Why didn’t Emery have the same problems?

      The Florida Panthers are a very good defensive team with an actual elite goalie. However their offense sucks and they were missing six regular forwards but still managed two goals on ELITE TOP FIVE NHL GOALIE STEVE MASON.

      Who, is now blaming his teammates and the lights. If Iyla Bryzgalov said he was struggling because he team only plays good when he’s on the bench or because THE LIGHTING WAS THROWING HIM OFF the hockey press, WIP and especially this blog would be all over him calling him out for throwing his teammates under the bus and blaming something every other goalie who has played in that building seems to have no problem with.

      Mason is gone at the deadline.

      I hope he still remembers the fans in Philly and the media that made constant excuses for him and pumped him up with BS praise when he accepts his Vezina this summer.

  2. This is just a pathetic excuse. Mason is garbage. I bet he thinks Ryan Howard would be a .300 hitter if it weren’t for the Sun being a thing.

  3. Jesus Mason, do you not know this is Philly? That type of stupid shit will get you killed around here.

    1. Actually he’s not.

      Check their stats in Philly.

      Bryzgalov was better in every category and won a series against the Penguins.

      But Bryzgalov was an aloof Russian so, yeah, he must’ve sucked while Mason is an ELITE TOP FIVE NHL GOALIE.

      1. No.

        Bryzgalov (regular season): .905 SV%, 2.60 GAA
        Mason (regular season): .917 SV%, 2.53 GAA

        Bryzgalov (playoffs): .877 SV%, 3.46 GAA
        Mason (playoffs): .939 SV%, 1.97 GAA

        1. They each have played one full season in Philly as the starting goalie:

          Bryzgalov 2011-2012
          59 Games
          33 wins
          23 loses
          GAA 2.48
          6 Shut Outs
          Save percantage: .909

          Mason 2013 – 14
          61 Games
          33 Wins
          25 losses
          GAA 2.50
          Save percentage .917

          So, I should’ve said they had basically the same numbers with Bryzgalov having a better GAA, better win percentage and more shutouts and Mason had a better save percentage. Plus Bryzgalov won a playoff series Mason lost his.

          I stand by my point. Bryzgalov was considered awful. Mason a TOP FIVE NHL GOALIE when they had the same numbers with Bryzgalov winning more.

          Either way. Mason is not “better than Bryz”. Cheaper, yes. Better? Not yet. TOP FIVE NHL GOALIE? Never.

          1. So, you’re going by the one full season each of them played rather than their entire Flyers’ careers? That’s just skewing the numbers to defend your statement.

          2. No. I’m looking at who the better goalie for the Flyers was/is because that is the argument at hand.

            I’m sure if either played for the 1995 Devils they’d look great in net. If either played for the the Washington Capitals in their first seasonin the early 1970s they’d look awful.

            I’m comparing them as goaltenders for the Philadelphia Flyers behind pretty much the same team. If anything the defense was worse in front of Bryzgalov with the hole Pronger’s absence made and no Mark Streit.

            It’s like a science experiment. You need a control. Ilya Bryzgalov was treated like he was some terrible goaltender who was the worst to ever play for the Flyers and Mason is talked about and treated like he’s an Elite NHL goalie (Not just by Kyle Scott either but by a marjority of the braindead Flyers beat writers and the few WIP talking heads who discuss hockey). And that’s simply not the case. In fact Bryzgalov was the slightly better of the two so far.

            People didn’t like Bryzgalov’s personality. Or they resented that “Carts” and “Richie” were shipped out partly to make room to sign a goalie. But in reality Bryzgalov was just as good if not better than Mason.

            The biggest problem with Bryzgalov was that Holmgren gave him, 31 at the time, a 9 year deal.

            So, in closing, to answer this dude’s original snarky remark that Mason is better than Bryzgalov, the answer is: No. He is not.

  4. Kyle, its incredible how you have made a career out of what you do. You are so opinionated and single minded, it make it so hard to support my favorite team. You like to talk (well type in your case because you’re a blogger) first, then research and find out that the majority of what you say doesn’t make sense, contradicts what you said or is just flat out is wrong because you are an idiot. Any situation similar to this makes you sound like an idiot. If you were a true Philly fan you’d know the finer details like who has control of the lighting! Especially since comcast-spectator own the Wells Fargo Center! Even though the Sixers still play in WFC they only rent the space, so if anyone has control over anything like the lights it would be the Flyers, WFC, Global Spectrum or Comcast Spectrum. So Kyle, please start doing some research before you start “running your gums” aka typing away on you computer before you put something stupid up like the many post on your blog. I wish I got paid to be stupid and voice my opinion!

    1. What is this “research” that you speak of?

      Can you use “research” in a sentence?

      Can you then print that sentence on a t-shirt?

    2. I know who owns the Wells Fargo Center. I never said the Sixers owned the lighting. They do, in fact, own the new projection system (you can own things in a building you rent– like I used to own a TV in the apartment I rented– wild, I know!), and they had been talking about Lakers-style lighting for a while. There was a reasonable chance it was a separate lighting system, split cost, etc. Regardless of who owns it, it looks great at Sixers games and is causing problems for Mason. I’m not sure what your issue is here? Nothing I wrote in either post was incorrect. All I did was give you more information than you could find elsewhere about it. “Running my gums.” Huh?

  5. No, no, Kyle — not “or something.” You definitely called him a top five goalie. Quit being a pussy and be a man about it. And eat of bowl of dicks.

  6. Hahaha Top 5? Never. Potential? What more do you need to see? This guy’s been riding the success of his rookie year for 6 years now and almost quit hockey a few years ago.

  7. The lighting isn’t an excuse, but I’ll admit the first Flyers game I went to this year the ice was so bright it burned my eyes for 20 minutes before I got used to it.

  8. This is just another fine example of why Holmgren deserves to be hung from the William Penn statue by his balls.

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