pic via Flyers Instagram

pic via Flyers Instagram


I know, I know– I called him a top 5 caliber goalie or something. Still think he’s got the potential– he’s just inconsistent. And his excuse, about the new LED lighting system at the Wells Fargo Center, isn’t really helping things. Here’s what he told Frank Seravalli:

“I’ve had a lot of trouble tracking the puck in the lighting,” Mason said last week. “I don’t know the right term. It’s just a weird glow out there. With how bright it is, you think it would be clearer.

“It’s almost too white out there, if that makes any sense.”

To be clear: Mason made it a point to say that the lighting system is not to blame for his winless start to the season. In fact, he has said time and time again that he needs to be better – even if the truth is that the Flyers have given him very little support.

Interesting. The Flyers are using the same new lighting system* as the Sixers (which I love). For basketball, that sort of directional lighting is great. But maybe not so much for hockey. Mason mentioned to Seravalli that the darker backdrop of the crowd makes picking up the puck more difficult. There are no plans to adjust the lights at the moment, because Mason apparently hasn’t expressed his displeasure with them to the team… and perhaps because Ray Emery doesn’t seem to be plagued by the same problem.

I checked with Comcast Spectacor spokesperson Ike Richman, and contrary to my initial thought, the lighting system is wholly owned by Comcast Spectacor, not the Sixers, and uses different configurations for basketball and hockey. “A combination of dual use and different fixtures are used to specifically focus the light over the different playing surfaces,” Richmand said.

Anyway, yeah, Steve Mason has a new mask. I don’t even know what this post is about anymore. Lights, masks, Mason. I need a beer.

*This isn’t the new 3D projection system we’re talking about. It’s the actual in-game lights.