Tony Bruno Was on the WIP Morning Show Today

Photo: Cindy Webster, WIP

There was a brief tear in the space-time continuum this morning. Tony Bruno was an in-person guest on the WIP Morning Show, which broadcast live from the airport (I think just so they could harass poser Cowboys fans from Philadelphia heading to the little d for the game tomorrow).

As you know if you listened to our lengthy discussion with Tony a few weeks back, he left WIP in the 90’s to work for ESPN and their original morning show. There’s a perceived beef between the respective hosts (or former hosts) of the two local radio stations (some may call it RADIO WARS*), and I just assume everyone hates everyone in radio, but the truth is, Angelo, Al and Tony have remained on good terms. And quite honestly, they didn’t miss a beat during their reunion this morning. There remains a great chemistry there.

The full audio is here. You can listen to Tony on his (now twice-weekly) podcast at

Phil Martelli called in to give his Eagles prediction while Tony was on. If you ever wonder why mediocre St. Joe’s basketball is so beloved around here, I present to you The Brooklyn Dichotomy: Martelli playing to the early-morning crowd by talking about the Eagles just 12 hours after his Hawks needed overtime to beat LIU Brooklyn, at home. Meanwhile, Jay Wright and Villanova are 5-0, ranked 12th in the country, and just knocked off two other top 25 teams en route to winning the Libery Classic at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn. But yeah, let’s talk more about how cool it is that the Hawk never stops flapping.

*I see you, WIP, trying to claim that as your own:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-26_08-49-03_AM
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  1. From a recent Picture Pages segment:
    There are two assholes in the photo. Can you identify them? Hint: not Al or Keith.
    Let me take Ichabod here and circle them for you.

    puchline (you write the joke): “Wait a minute, Mr. Cosby. That is NOT a puddin’ pop in your hand!”

  2. If you wonder why people around here like SJU more than Nova look no further than this blog post. Nova grads act uppity like their school is the Harvard of Philadelphia. Constantly taking shots at St. Joe’s, Temple, and La Salle for no reason. I know it’s tough for you cause you’re from the Philly area but it’s time to come to grips with the fact that almost everyone in the area recognizes Nova grads as douchey, out-of-towners who will go work for daddy on wall street after they graduate.

    1. +1

      When I went to St. Joe’s most people from Nova were rich kids from the main line driving the beamer daddy bought them, or they were rich assholes from New York or Connecticut. They were all snobby as hell with a superiority complex.

      I paid my own way thought St. Joe’s. I had to take out a, gaps, student loan. (Kyle, that’s when you borrow money from a bank to pay for your tuition, not when your daddy writes a check.) Guess I’m a loser.

      1. Dad didn’t buy me a beamer.* Not from Main Line. Not working on Wall Street. Still have student loans to pay off. Buy a sweatshirt.

        *He did buy me a VW, though.

        1. Well fine, you’re the exception then. But it always irked me how Nova students felt so superior to us. I never understood why. It’s not like we’re Temple or Lasalle .

          1. To be fair, from a basketball standpoint (not a socioeconomic one), Villanova has historically been a much better, more big-time, national program, yet St. Joe’s and Temple are seemingly more highly regarded (because I think everyone who works at CSN except for their PR person went to Temple). It’s irritating that they are almost always the best team in the city and treated like also-rans. And don’t get me started on the “not in the city” shit. Most of the people who go to the city schools aren’t from the city either, and Nova can draw a larger crowd to the Wells Fargo Center than the Sixers. I’m not anti other Big 5 schools (OK, maybe St. Joe’s a little), I root for Temple and La Salle to do well, but as a Nova guy, it is annoying how the area’s best college sports team is overlooked so much. Personally, I grew up in Delco and had a St. Joe’s sticker on said VW… until I got in to Nova and changed my mind.

          2. I’m not saying you’re wrong about the attitudes of some or even many nova alums. but i’d be willing to bet neither you or i or anyone sane would turn down their parents paying their college tuition or buying them a car. slamming them for that is jealousy, pure and simple, and it’s unbecoming.

      2. Love how sju alums and students act like they are a tough blue collar “Philly school”. It costs over 40k a year to go there before room and board (about 5k less than vu) and part of the campus sits in Lower Merion! Look at the demographic make up between saint joes and villanova and you’ll see that villanova is actually more diverse than sju (not by much). SJU has their fair share of spoiled brats driving beamers bought by mommy and daddy as well yet the school loves to put on the tough guy Philly act which makes no sense considering they are more similar than different when compared to vu (minus an engineering school). Coming from a villanova grad (still paying loans mind you) I hope sju and the big 5 gets competitive again soon.

        1. You are right. I graduated in 02 and there were a ton of snooty spoiled rich kids there. As a regular guy with no parental help who commuted the first 2 year and had an off campus apartment the last 2, those kids who had their parents paying for absolutely everything, including their european vacations, they annoyed the hell out of me. I’m not blue collar Philly tough guy, just a regular middle class delco dude. Honestly, I was just busting Kyle’s balls with my comments, but the SJU students are pretty much just as elitist as the Nova kids.

          And the tuition at SJU is INSANE now. There’s no freaking way I would go there if I were a college student now. It’s nearly doubled in just over a decade. F that. It’s a good school, but the tuition is ridiculous.

          1. Also an 02 SJU grad, commuted all 4 years while working part time during school and full time during the summers. There were definitely some elitists ass holes at SJU too, mostly from Connecticut. I think back then it costs $16k per year for me to go there without room and board. At fucking $40k now, there is NO WAY I would have considered SJU. Honestly at today’s prices it makes way more sense to do JUCO for two years, then finish at a four year school. Get a job at a place with a tuition assistance benefit, get your masters after work over the course of a few years.

        2. @Kyle, your points are valid. But I think the city as a whole gets behind whatever local teams do well in the tourney. Nova definitely doen’t get the shaft in that regard. If they are doing well and are making some noise in March, they get tons of exposure. I’ll root for Nova on a national stage cuz I’m supporting Philly. And cuz I know SJU likely won’t be at that level of basketball for many many years.

          I’ve met Phil Martelli several times. He’s a nice guy, but he’s not a great basketball coach, and if you don’t count Jameer Nelson and Delonte West, he’s a terrible recruiter too. They haven’t had a decent team that can compete nationally since those guys left a decade ago.

  3. I would have listened this morning but I tuned in and listening to Angelo’s voice for 5 seconds nearly gave me a migraine. Honestly, how do people listen to that asshole talk all morning? Not only is his voice endlessly irritating but “opinions” are just infuriating. He has no idea what is is talking about.

    1. You left out how whenever a woman under 40 is on he oogles over her physical appearance like a freakin creep.

        1. As soon as they start working in the cat purring sound byte when the sluts start coming in to the studio to be wingette wh0res, Angelo goes into full on dirty old man creep mode. I have to tune out until Wing Bowl is over. I honestly what Rhea thinks sitting there trying to be a legitimate broadcaster as dumb strippers in bikinis bounce up and down for Angelo.

  4. So you had to take a personal shot at St. Joe’s in an article about Tony Bruno appearing on WIP. F–k you, you entitled Main Line snob. We can’t all have our parents pay for us to go to a snooty school like you.

  5. Did anybody hear Shirley on WIP around 8:10? If so, can you translate for me, cuz I couldn’t understand a freaking work she said. I don’t speak ebonics.

    1. Shirley must be Sean Brace’s mother as they both have no idea what they are talking about and both have mastered ebonics.

      1. Yo yo yo. No need to dog me like that . I just try to keep it real for all my listeners .Hit me up at Pitchers Pub tonight .You know all the fine ladies will be out in their tight outfits . Its a big party night the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. All the hotties will be out looking for some action. Peace out

        1. HAAAAA HAAAA HAAAAA. DATS Classic Beau. After Pitchers Pub why dont you stop by and have a Primos Turkey Hoagie with me.

          Good AFTERNOOOOOOOOOON EVERRRRRRRRRRRYBODDDDDDDDDDDEEE. Today I dont want to talk about the NFL,NBA,NHL,Eagles,Phillies,Flyers ,Nova basketball,Hot stove etc etc.. Today I want to wax nostalgic for 5 hours about what Thanksgiving means to you. Let me hear about your stories with your aunts and cousins and friends.

        2. Yo dawg let me axxk you somethin, why you always at this Pitchers Pub? Can’t get a gig anywhere else?

      1. “Gooood morning my family.”

        “E-A-G-L-E-S WOOOOO Ya gots to believe!”

  6. As grating and horrific as that WIP morning show is, it was actually listenable this AM while Bruno was on. He’s a total jagoff and his sports knowledge is limited, but he’s the best we’ve got in this city (that’s not saying much, but it is what it is)…. The Cuz is the ultimate fat slob fooghezzi South Philly wannabe who grew up in Jersey. Missanelli is an absolute shitbag of a human being on all levels. This new guy Innes has a lame Stern-esque schtick that is tired after 5 shows. And those 2 jizz stains on 97.5 at noon making 7 bucks an hour are only employed there because the stroke Mikey Miss’s fragile ego (and nut sack probably too).

    1. ^^This is the best comment I’ve ever read on Crossingbroad. You could not be more spot on.

      In January Angelo’s contract is up and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bruno replaces him. They don’t just bring Bruno on fifteen minutes for no reason. They are testing ratings and seeing how things pan out. I’m sure he will be back on air before 2015 arrives.

      97.5 could have had something decent if Bruno was given the 10am-2pm slot…WIP is going to swoop in and take advantage of 97.5’s mistake.

  7. Love how Rhea is left out of that picture…she’s such a waste of space on the morning show.

    And as far as I’m concerned this is our re-introduction to Bruno on WIP…I can’t imagine a radio show just having a former host, and a former competitor, on their “flagship” program just because they felt like being nice to the guy. I think Bruno’s on his way back to WIP, and this was done to test the waters…

    1. I absolutely can’t stand Rhea. Her totally stupid jokes on Angelo are the worst thing I have ever heard and are so annoying. Plus, can she ever make it through a sports update or commercial without messing up and fumbling over her words? She is reading from a scripted paper for crying out loud. And having to hear about all her ailments whenever she does the Nova Care advertisement is ridiculous. “Go to Nova Care, they helped me with my back, knee, neck, wrist, hand, foot,….”

      1. I love listening to Rhea before Chip’s weekly interview with Angelo (the only time I ever listen to WIP) after a loss and she second guesses the shit out of him like she has any idea about the Xs and Os of NFL football.

        I wish Chip would tell her to shut the fuck up and let him do his thing. Guy has won 2/3 of his games since he has been here and is making The Linc a tough place to play in again. 10 straight Ws.

        Rhea, just so you know, Chip Kelly is much much much smarter than you on his worst day than you are on your best day when it comes to football so just sit there and be quiet.

        1. Thank you when she challenges Kelly it is cringeworthy and embarrassing and God only knows what he would really like to say. She is the token female and she knows it.

      2. It is amazing that Rhea is now divorcing her second husband. Maybe if she didn’t go the bar every night to get her son dinner, or didn’t smoke a pack of cigarettes a day or have 10 dogs running thru her house, she wouldn’t keep losing her men. She is hideously ugly to start with and I guarantee she is horrible in the bedroom. Give me your thoughts. Also small breasts.

  8. I remember going to brownie’s in Ardmore every wednesday night and friday h.h. The Nova kids were always easy to pick out. Nerds too afraid to talk to girls, with their little mixed drinks. So sad.

  9. 610-632-0975, and today is a wacky, weird, wet willy, Wednesday. And tomorrow is the big game with Dallas, not Dallas the TV series, not Debbie does Dallas, not Diamond Dallas Page…… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. In defense of all St Joe’s fans: Kyle, I went to Kentucky. Our squad would absolutley destroy Nova. You squeaked by an average Michigan team last night while Kentucky blew the doors off Kansas. Unless your team is running things like my team is, shut your yap.

    1. Kentucky played UT Arlington last night and won’t leave the state for another month. But sure, paying players does have its benefits.

      1. You might be the college basketball program in Philly, but Kentucky has the most wins in NCAA history. They are a national program. Have fun keeping ahead of the St Joe’s and Temple’s of the world. Oh, and beating great team’s like Michigan by a point. Embarassing.

  11. Check out his twitter feed. He called who didn’t think Darren Wilson was murderer a racist or a bigot, and also implied all Flyers fans are racists. What an ass.

    -Nick Foles isn’t good
    -Big game against Dallas
    -Ferguson (why white people are to blame)
    -Most Overrated Thanksgiving Dish
    -speaking of overrated, Nick Foles sucks
    -(Belittle callers with different opinions)
    -Dallas is gonna give it back
    -Hockey isn’t a good sport
    -Nick Foles sucks
    -Let’s talk to B-Dawk!

    1. Anyone who doesn’t think Darren Wilson is a white devil racist murderer is obviously a racist and a bigot.

      1. Also, his need for a QB with “functional mobility”. And of course, white people are to blame for (fill in any subject here). And if you disagree, you need to “look within”.

    2. perfect synopsis, and also, all the reasons why I tuned out two months ago….thanks for reminding me that I haven’t missed anything!

    3. Missanelli is a complete fraud who is really stupid on important broader issues like the larger leagues. You get him away from micro Philly topics and he is a stone cold idiot.

      Dickhead last week said Detroit will get the NFC Central title and maybe the eagles6 wont have to worry about going back to Green Bay in the playoffs.

      Hey numbnutz look at the Packers schedule and the Lions schedule. The packers win6 the Central by 2 or 3 games. They guy is a flaming boreass. One trick motherbleeping pony.

  13. 97.5 the fanatic, Philadelphias football station”. Anyone else get irritated when they hear that? How can you dub yourselves that when you don’t broadcast the games? They can’t even get the head coach on the station.

  14. Your a “Fanatic” Bruno. You don’t go to the enemy’s camp. Oh, you quit. Never Mind.

  15. I think I’m gonna take a dump on the floor in Kyle SNOT’s office … if he even has an office. I’ll leave a nice Thanksgiving package for him.

  16. Ray Didinger should have a solo show for 2 hours on 1 of those stations. Thats the type of radio Philadelphia deserves but these program directors are stupid as hell.

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