Two Ex-Phillies are on the Tampa Bay Rays’ Manager Shortlist

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After losing Joe Maddon to (the possibly tampering ways of) the Chicago Cubs, the Tampa Bay Rays were left as the only team in baseball without a manager. Before his time with the Rays, Maddon managed the Anaheim Angels in 51 games (in 1996 and 1999) and led a minor league squad for over 500 games. But the Rays may feel the need to go in a different direction for his replacement, such as someone who has never managed or coached anything before.

Among the people the Rays have interviewed for the open position are Doug Glanville and Raúl Ibañez, two former Phillies who have the same combined coaching and managerial record as you and I. But hey, Glanville’s an alright analyst and Raul still fits in a baseball uniform pretty well, and maybe those are their main qualifications. Our vote would go to Ibañez, just so he could bring managerial tobacco back.

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