Video: Mark Sanchez Gushes about Playing for Eagles to Jon Gruden

Dude, this is SO awesome.
Dude, this is SO cool.

Here’s a modified version of the pre-game conversation Jon Gruden had with Mark Sanchez in which Sanchez gushed about playing for Chip and with the supporting cast in Philly. It’s all part of ESPN’s Mark Sanchez redemption storyline, which, yeah, I’m totally down with. It’s, somewhat ironically, a lot better than the fourth version of the Michael Vick redemption tale (often told by brother Marcus).

“It’s so cool. It’s so cool.”

Video after the jump.

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7 Responses

  1. Yo Kyle Phil from Mt Airy is once again embarrassing himself covering the Eagles post-game on 97.5 the fanatic,with his typical negative nonsense,as well as his butchering the English language,and you’re once again giving that crackhead a pass(SMDH).

    Poor Barrett Brooks,having to co-host a show with a known former drug addict in Phil from Mtt Airy,but yet management continues to punish you(SMDH).

  2. Just my observations from last night’s game;

    Darren Sproles is the Eagles’ most valuable player.

    Connor Barwin,Jeremy Maclin,Darren Sproles and Jason Peters are all pro-bowl bound.

    And finally I know some people might get upset with this statement but Jordan Matthews is the 2nd coming of the great former Eagle Terrell Owens.

    1. Get Sproles dick outta your mouth. The best Eagles player conversation begins and ends with Jason Peters.

  3. I’ve been calling him Mark “dirty” Sanchez for a few weeks now. Ever since I ran into him in center city drunk. He’s a sick bastard, just like I like ’em.

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