Yasmani Tomas Works out Privately for the Red Sox

Cuban defector and 6’1″ power-hitting outfielder Yasmani Tomas was declared a free agent a month ago, and it looks like the Red Sox are making a push at the 23-year-old slugger.

According to WEEI, Tomas worked out in a private workout at the Red Sox Academy in the Dominican Republic. The report says the workout was purely out of convenience, but Tomas is a former teammate of Sox outfielder Rusney Castillo, who speaks very highly of him, and … we see where this is going.

The Phillies are still thought to be frontrunners for the 240-pounder — and the Red Sox’ interest is being downplayed — but our faith in this team has been shattered too often in recent years. So expect to either not get Tomas, or massively overpay for him.


6 Responses

  1. the front office is desperate…they will massively overpay. And I’m OK with that, couldn’t care less about luxury tax

    1. I don’t know if I’d be ok with that. That’s how we got stuck with Howard.

      1. Yo, chief. I think you can move on with the whole “UglyFox29TrafficSlut” handle. She’s a wrap.

  2. Anyone else see what Theo Epstein said about why they fired their manager (who they just hired last year) so they could sign Joe Maddon? You would never ever hear those words come from our front office, nor would they ever do that.

  3. I’m pretty sure at least 10 teams held private workouts already including the friggin Padres. No idea why you finally mention this dude now and reference an article from over a week ago that most people already knew about.

    Have to overpay here. The farm is barren and international free agents don’t cost you draft picks. Not my money.

  4. It only makes sense. The coaching staff is said to “hate” newcomer Cespedes. Apparently he doesn’t take to being coached well.

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