You Can Eat a Canadian Bacon Burger or Dip Some Wings in Cheese to Honor Lindros and LeClair Tonight

Tonight, the Flyers host the Minnesota Wild and will be inducting Eric Lindros and John LeClair into the Flyers Hall of Fame. The special pre-game ceremony starts at 7PM, and during the game, the Flyers players will wear special “10/88” patches on their jerseys. Is that it? No, because you can also shove a Canadian Bacon Burger in your mouth.

There will be two special food offerings to honor the inductees:

The “Big 88” – monster Canadian bacon burger on a Flyers pretzel – in celebration of Eric Lindros

Left “Wing”ers – fried wings served with a Vermont cheddar dipping sauce – as a nod to John LeClair (who hails from Vermont)

Canadian bacon and pretzel because Canada + Philadelphia, and wings with Vermont cheese because he’s a wing from Vermont. Come on. I can’t wait for Giroux’s hall of fame night when they serve rump roast with no utensils, hands only.

There’s a whole lot more going on, including special Hall of Fame night apparel for sale, the post-game auction of game-worn jerseys, memorabilia displays, and more. For real though, I know I made fun of it, but that burger sounds awesome.


14 Responses

  1. Great let’s celebrate two more former Philly athletes who didn’t win the big one(Morons).

    And btw Mike Missanelli’s mini-me producer(Jason Myrtetus) can kiss my natural black ass for keeping off the air cause I called WIP.

    When the checks start coming in from 97.5,then and only then will I exclusively call the fanatic,until that happens,you guys will continue to hear me on both stations.

    1. You sound like one sad, lonely old man awaiting death. Maybe it’s time to find a hobby that doesnt revolve around making phone calls to radio stations. I mean seriously, do you really spend every day of your life calling these stations just to hear yourself on the radio?

    2. That is among the most pathetic things I’ve ever heard. I don’t know what’s worse; the idea that you call these pathetic stations every day or your delusion that ANYONE gives a rat’s ass what you think about anything. Getting a fucking hobby bro.

  2. Can I just honor LeClair? I always wanted to puck bunny the hell outta his beautiful cherry picking ass. Lindros was just a big dumb dude with skill, which he lost due to taking bad hits because he was too mesmerized by the puck on his stick to look up and see who’s coming at him.


  3. God, Snider and company would dig up Kate Smith to honor her if they could sell some tickets.

  4. Bacon Burgers,Chicken Wings and cheese dipping sauce means the Flyers better keep extra paramedics on standby.

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