You Can get Two Sixers Tickets in Exchange for a Box of Macaroni and Cheese

And that is a sentence I never thought I'd type.
And that is a sentence I never thought I’d type.

When Kyle and I sat down with Scott O’Neil to talk about the business side of the Sixers, the toll all of these losses take, and the in-arena experience, O’Neil mentioned wanting to give back to the fans who show up to watch what is unquestionably a bad basketball team (my words, not his). And Monday night, they will give back if you give back… an entire box of macaroni and cheese.

The Sixers are hosting … you know what? I can’t even type these words myself, here’s what the press release says:

The Philadelphia 76ers today announced details for the first-ever macaroni & cheese drive, taking place on “Mac & Cheese Monday,” November 24 when they host the Portland Trail Blazers at 7:00 p.m. to benefit regional food bank Philabundance.

Fans in attendance are encouraged to bring one or more boxes of macaroni and cheese – one of Philabundance’s the most needed food items – to the game, and will be asked to use them as noisemakers for the first half of the game. At halftime, bins will be available on the concourse for fans to drop off their donations.

Fans who donate will receive a voucher for two tickets to an upcoming 2014-15 Sixers home game.

Please, please, please do not use the mac and cheese boxes as noisemakers. Donate food? Yes. Get free tickets in exchange? Sure. Shake boxes of mac and cheese around like this is some post-apocalyptic world where mac and cheese is currency and you’re placing a bet on a cock fight? Hell no.

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7 Responses

  1. Mac and cheese boxes as noisemakers? Free Papa Johns for just showing up? There are some seriously sick fucks over there. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.
    However, in 4-5 months I think the whole country is going to be swept up in Tankadelphia. Your sorry ass team is trying to get the 6,7, or 8 seed? Fuck you, know one cares. But do you know if the Sixers lost last night?

    1. What the fuck? You started out coherent but did you, like, take a hit off your bong in this middle of that post? Sort of got away from you there dude.

  2. Why is mac and cheese even considered an option at the food bank? This is a joke. Feed people real food, not this garbage processed junk. This is why the poor are obese, they have no knowledge of nutrition and the Sixers are just reinforcing the behavior with this.

    1. I’m pretty sure its Philabundance requesting the Mac and Cheese specifically (it pretty much says so in the release) so its not really the Sixers’ call.

  3. Mac & cheese is worth more than 10 Sixers tickets! Hey Jim, what’s with the dumb shit capital letters every other word?

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