You Can Watch the Sixers at a Top Secret Party with Big Sean for Some Reason


Watching the Sixers this year, as we have said time and time again, is not about watching a winner. You might as well have some fun and do other stuff while the game is on. For instance, have some beers with friends. Or throw it on mute while blasting the new Taylor Swift album, Kyle. Or go to a top secret Coors Light party with Big Sean and Curren$y. Wait, what?

Coors Light is hosting a 76ers viewing party at a secret location (limited space).

This year is a rebuilding season for our Sixers and support is important! We thought we would “juice up” this event by having two special guest appearances by Big Sean (GOOD Music) and Curren$y (Jet Life).

Space will be VERY LIMITED, each RSVP will receive complimentary admission. On Wednesday November 12th and email will be sent to all registered guests with the location information (In Philadelphia).

This is a game night viewing event so dress code is fashionable yet relaxed.

Coors Light, the brand that comes up with another crappy beer gimmick every three months, knows what rebuilding is like. So, sure. Go hang with Ariana Grande’s boyfriend to watch the Sixers play the Mavs and drink some Coors Light for the appropriate price of free.

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12 Responses

  1. Wow…I can’t believe hipster Jim is hating on Coors Light. Everyone knows a 10% bourbon barrel aged white chocolate pumpkin IPA is the best choice for watching the game.

    1. I thought the hipsters were all back to the regular old cheap beers. Aren’t they all obsessed with PBR? That beer is much worse than Coors Light.

      1. Both are pretty bad. At least PBR doesn’t make us watch the worst beer commercials known to man. I will never drink a Coors product again because their commercials piss me off.

        BTW, actual good beer isn’t THAT much more expensive. I choose to enjoy my beer even if it costs me a couple bucks per 12pk.

        1. I’m not a huge beer drinker these days, but when I do drink beer, I tend to buy on the craft side of the aisle too.

          But, I subscribe to the school of thought that you should drink what you like. Too many craft beer snobs are condescending pricks to those among us who enjoy a Silver Bullet from time to time.

      2. I prefer craft beers too, but I think PBR is much better than Coors. It’s a good gettin’ drunk beer.

        Of course, this time of year means Christmas beers and that nasty little fucker known as the Mad Elf….

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