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CBS Philly and WIP announced today – but didn’t bother sending us the press release because, you know, why do that? – that it has renewed Angelo Cataldi’s contract. Al Morganti and Keith Jones have been signed to new deals as well. Molly Eichel reports that Rhea Hughes is on a different schedule.

Cataldi told Eichel that his contract has three- and five-year options, but that this will likely be his last:

“I figure that’ll probably be it for me,” Cataldi, who has been with the station since 1990, said. “I think someone else should get a chance after this one. I definitely wanted to hang around awhile longer because I just got to make it long enough for the Eagles to win a super bowl. Then I’ll see what I needed to see ,,. I’ve always had this fear the year after I left they’d win a championship. That’s the ultimate goal. I would love to see them do it and I think with Chip Kelly they can.”

I agree.

And now, RADIO WARS:

No word of the contract status of Anthony Gargano, whose deal is up at the end of the year. The prevailing theory is that he’ll re-sign, but I’ve heard that WIP has been less than willing to offer him a multi-year renewal in his current time slot, with the thought being that Josh Innes, who is sort of (Operations Manager) “Andy Bloom’s guy,” could eventually take over in the 2-6 spot. My guess is that Gargano re-signs, but for how long and with what terms… that’s probably up for debate. He could also talk to 97.5. Multiple sources say there have been conversations between the two parties with unknown levels of formality. Gargano wouldn’t come cheap for 97.5, which lately seems to prefer shedding salary as opposed increasing it. At the very least, those conversations could give Gargano some leverage with WIP.

And then of course, lurking somewhere in the distance (Atlanta, to be exact), is John Kincade, who would love to get back to Philly and work for WIP.

I feel like the Game of Thrones intro is appropriate here: