Angelo Cataldi’s Contract Has Been Renewed by WIP

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CBS Philly and WIP announced today – but didn’t bother sending us the press release because, you know, why do that? – that it has renewed Angelo Cataldi’s contract. Al Morganti and Keith Jones have been signed to new deals as well. Molly Eichel reports that Rhea Hughes is on a different schedule.

Cataldi told Eichel that his contract has three- and five-year options, but that this will likely be his last:

“I figure that’ll probably be it for me,” Cataldi, who has been with the station since 1990, said. “I think someone else should get a chance after this one. I definitely wanted to hang around awhile longer because I just got to make it long enough for the Eagles to win a super bowl. Then I’ll see what I needed to see ,,. I’ve always had this fear the year after I left they’d win a championship. That’s the ultimate goal. I would love to see them do it and I think with Chip Kelly they can.”

I agree.

And now, RADIO WARS:

No word of the contract status of Anthony Gargano, whose deal is up at the end of the year. The prevailing theory is that he’ll re-sign, but I’ve heard that WIP has been less than willing to offer him a multi-year renewal in his current time slot, with the thought being that Josh Innes, who is sort of (Operations Manager) “Andy Bloom’s guy,” could eventually take over in the 2-6 spot. My guess is that Gargano re-signs, but for how long and with what terms… that’s probably up for debate. He could also talk to 97.5. Multiple sources say there have been conversations between the two parties with unknown levels of formality. Gargano wouldn’t come cheap for 97.5, which lately seems to prefer shedding salary as opposed increasing it. At the very least, those conversations could give Gargano some leverage with WIP.

And then of course, lurking somewhere in the distance (Atlanta, to be exact), is John Kincade, who would love to get back to Philly and work for WIP.

I feel like the Game of Thrones intro is appropriate here:


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  1. what is innes going to talk about if he ends up being on at the same time as missanelli? dude is OBSESSED like a little child constantly tugging on his daddy’s pant leg.

  2. Cataldi is delusional as he is annoying if he thinks the Eagles will win anything in the next 5 years.

    1. I do not know one person under the age of 35 that listens to that morning show. Since WFAN is too stupid to put on a challenger, maybe I will start listening to sports talk radio in the morning again once Cataldi is gone. Probably not, but maybe….

      Seriously, sports talk is the dregs of broadcast radio. It is filled with no talent hacks, jocks who can barely speak the English language, and callers who sound like they have been beaten senseless about the head with a tire iron.

      1. Don’t think WFAN can put on a challenger. Since they are an ESPN affiliate, they have to air Mike & Mike (as much as they suck, esp Golic) due to contractual obligations.

        1. I don’t think Greater Media would want a local talent on the mornings b/c it could take listeners and ratings from their precious Preston and Steve program.

    1. Your name made me laugh. Partly because I know what you are talking about as I live 5 minutes from there.

  3. I wonder how much they pay Al to do nothing all day except spit out the occasional word fragment and incoherent sentence.

    1. Probably not as much as they pay Cataldi to slobber on the microphone and inspire countless people in the area to consider driving into a tree on the way to work every morning.

    2. That douche bag Al can’t even finish a fuckin’ sentence. When he talks, it’s like five half sentences all ran together!

  4. The show succeeds because despite Philly fans puffing out their chests and declaring themselves the most knowledgeable in the country, the fact is they are a bunch of fucking morons who just want to screech E-A-G-L-E-S at the top of their lungs. Real sports talk and analysis is wasted on the majority of fans who predict 12-4 and a Super Bowl every year. WIPs crack Eagles coverage consists of calling Dallas the “Cowgirls” for a week leading up to the game because this is what the masses crave.

    I actually heard Ellis say today that he would never vote for Chris Christie because he cheered for the Cowboys. Hey Rob, feel free to hate or like a politician based on his policies but to not vote for someone because they cheered for Dallas makes you sound like the colossal douchebag you most likely are. Please stop voting and leave the decisions to those of us who have gotten past the 5th grade mentality.

    Innes is a breath of fresh air because he seems to hate the “fellas in the afternoon” as much as I do.

    1. “Real sports talk.” This is what you want? This is something you look for out of life? You want “real sports analysis?” Josh Innes is a “breath of fish air?” Please find a woman (or man) and get a life.

      Let me guess…’re the dolt friend or loser family member that everyone humors and refers to as that “real nice guy” but, when you corner them at a family or public function, their eyes dart around the room looking for someone to save them from having to talk to this drip we have to pretend we like.

      1. Sorry man I hit too close to home. Go on screaming E-A-G-L-E-S at the top of your lungs if it makes you happy. My guess is you’re the guy who doesn’t really know anything about sports so a discussion of same would bore you.

        And yes, on a “sports talk” station I expect sports talk. Not losers like you bragging about how you harassed the guy in the Cowboys jersey after you got a few beers in you. Now give us all a big E-A-G-L-E-S cheer and fuck off.

        1. I feel the same about my fellow Philly fans. Unfortunately they are very embarrassing. I usually only listen to WIP on weekends. I tried Innis when he first started and he said ass so many times in just a few minutes that I had to shut him off. I had my 6 year old son asking me why that man on the radio said so many bad words. So I never listened to him again. Barkann or bark man is a mouthpiece and the least knowledgeable amongst the kindergarteners. He blatantly says dumb stuff to stir up the sheepul and then laughs about how dumb they are and people don’t even realize it. I haven’t listened to Catalti since one day I heard him say Michael Jordan was overrated after his second title. They are not for the intelligent sports fan.

    2. Notice they don’t call themselves that anymore? Josh has them looking over their shoulder and I can’t wait until he takes their time slot.

    3. Born and raised in Philadelphia………and I agree with everything you said. I can not listen to sports talk in this town anymore because each and every day is just like the one before. I am tired of listening to callers with no point saying that the Eagles will win the Super Bowl, and hosts with dopey bits like “Mafia Movie Monday” or “Area’s Greatest Burger”.

      I have given Innes a chance, and I have to say that I don’t hate him. It is funny to hear him challenge the callers who are used to just having their asshole fingered by the other hosts.

      One thing I will disagree on is your characterization of the Philadelphia fan. But I only disagree in the sense that they have been conditioned to be this way. We have had BAD, no HORRIBLE, sport talk in this town for so long, most people here do not know what good sports talk sounds like. The market here is a socio-economic pyramid, and the sports talk stations here play to the lowest common denominator banking on the volume of listeners. These are also the most impressionable of us, more likely than others to get hammered, ride a bus to New York, and BOOO a draft pick that actually ended up being the best QB the team has ever had. Instead of recognizing how big of a fool they made out of themselves and this city, they think they served some great civic duty because Angelo convinced them of that.

      1. A-fuckin-men.

        And then that morning show, its idiot callers and a majority of the station’s line up spent the next ten years trying to justify that booing by bitching and moaning about every little thing that QB did while ignoring that year after year he was leading them to division titles and more playoff wins than any Eagles QB ever.

        How many playoff wins have the Eagles had since McNabb left?

  5. If i ever feel like getting smashed in the morning i just do a shot every time ugly ass rhea mentions her brat kid. goddamn i hate her.

  6. No way Gargano’s fake South Philly tough guy act would work at 97.5,they’d run his short pudgy ass out the door within 6 months.

    As for Josh Innes,the only way I want to hear that fat tub of goo on the 2-6 slot is if he’s paired with Tony Bruno,who definitely deserves a shot to take down Mr. Know it all Missanelli.

  7. Skippy and Lippy show is off the charts at noon, WIP needs to re-group to go against that duo.

  8. That’s great news Angelo is back. Can’t wait to see him at the wing bowl with all those tities on the wingetts!!!!

    1. The best part of Wingbowl is going to the bar afterwards. If that’s all you want, just man up, take a day off, and go to the bar. I have ZERO desire to get up at the ass crack of dawn to watch a parade of morons, drug dealers (cough cough, El Wingador), and corporate sponsors mug for the camera. Wake me up when its over.

  9. Maybe gargano can host a couple days with Harry Mayes. Mayes apparently can’t keep one co host so they pair him up with multiple guys during the week. I just don’t understand why he has a job. He was semi funny with Bruno but he was clearly only successful Bc of him. But hey I guess if you love his Twitter recaps, gambling issues, or pathetic sponsor reads he’s your guy

  10. Ha. Eagles won’t win Super Bowl with Chip Kelly. Cataldi is a joke.

    As for Gargano, him and that ass kiss Ellis are unlistenable.

  11. I’d personally like it if Josh Innes would move to overnights. I’d love to hear how much better than static he is.

  12. Love wip it’s the soul of the philly fan. I go nuts Everytime I hear a caller do an Eagles chant or someone calling in just to sing about the Eagles. Love it

    1. Hey, Sean from the Dirty Thirty, did mom wash your Brian Dawkins jersey for this week’s game?

      1. Totally true.

        I loathe mornings in the 1st place so the last thing I want to hear is screaming, yelling and general idiocy. Morning TV also. Brutal.

        Rest of the day on WIP was good tho.

        Mac n Mac
        Steve and mike
        G Cobb and Craig carton

        Probably listened to a few hundred flyer games while delivering pizzas also.

  13. No one is walking away from a million a year job. Angelo got a raise a few years ago so I imagine he is now making about $1.1 to $1.2 million a year. That doesn’t count the under the table money he gets from the Titty Clubs who benefit greatly from Wing Bowl.

    1. Yep, and when he is done sucking money from the local economy, he will take his ass back to New York where he is from, and go back to rooting for the Yankees and New Yawk football Giants.

  14. Innes in the afternoon would cause 94.1 to flip formats yet again…maybe they’ll go pop next and try to take on Q102?

  15. I thought Innes was being groomed to take over morning show.
    And fake Gargano was going to be paired up with bumbling Hollis Thomas and a sleeping Sonny Hill to create a new show that would cause people listening to kill themselves. And all commercials would be courtesy of Heeeey it’s you friend here, Al Morganti , here to tell you about belvita morning win xbok mutants have taken over sunset city.
    E-A-G-L-E-S! EAGLES!!

  16. Cataldi’s morning show is a disgrace. It caters to the lowest denominator Philadelphia sports fan. That being said, his contract is being renewed because “the most knowledgable fanbase in sports” is too fuckin stupid to realize they are just being patronized by these no talent hacks. We can all talk about how bad Philly sports talk is, but until people actually stop listening you can expect the same old run of the mill garbage. I have given up. Used to listen to Miss from 2-6 but he’s too much these days. I’ve resorted to podcasts (not Kyle’s btw, anything involving Bruno is doomed for failure).

    But yeah, Cataldi is a fat joke and Rhea is stealing money.


    1. Yeah that’s it. He’s the 3rd best rated sports radio show in the nation. Whether you like him or not, he’s entertaining and people like him.

  17. Harry Mayes could possibly be worse than me. The guy brings nothing to the table, he sounds so uninterested most of the show.

    Rhea says maybe 5 words a show, which is way too much.

    1. I dont think it’s Mayes so much as it is the horrible people he is stuck with. With Bruno, the two had a comedic angle to the show that worked. With Westbrook and Baldy, it is strictly sports X’s and O’s talk that sounds more like a lecture than a show (and Baldy needs to stop yelling into his Mike, he constantly maxes out the speaker). They need to can the jocks and get a real radio personality in.

  18. Anticipating another days worth of irrelevant (non sports) stories.

  19. Good news for you if you are a 6 living in the Delaware Valley, and like to have your B-cups drooled over by shrill, wheezing huckster with an awful, awful, AWFUL (and getting worse) Downeast accent.

  20. Angelo said today that as long as he is here, Rhea is here. She probably begged him to stay until she saves up enough tuition to send her kid to private school. She is the token female (besides Sue the other update person).

    1. That’s probably why Angelo is staying. Because he feels bad for Rhea and is protective of her and knows she has no chance at anything else once he is gone.

  21. I think Angelo has a great show. He talks sports, gets good guests and makes it fun. What I would do with WIP:

    Angelo – Morning
    Bruno and Ellis – Afternoon. If Bruno won’t take it put Innes here.
    Keep Innes at night until Angelo retires than he can move down to the morning or afternoon.

    Let gargano walk. He’s terrible. Ellis is tolerable. Smart sports guy, but way too boring to ever have his own show in the morning or afternoon.

    1. Ellis was fine in the 6-10 slot – his downfall was getting stuck with Gargoyle! All he does now is parrot whatever that phony bastard says and kiss his enormous a$$. I actually feel bad for him.

    2. Here’s what I would do… Get a job and stop pretending you’re a WIP executive from Mommy and Daddy’s basement.

      You lost all of my respect at, “I think Angelo has a great show.” LOL

      Or are you just trolling? Then I applaud you, sir troll.

  22. WIP’s ratings are double those of 97.5 and it’s ratings lead continues to increase. Guess they are doing something right.

  23. Those fake choppers/caps on Rhea’s upper gums are pretty nasty. Look at the contrast between the lower, yellowing, crusty, rotted lower teeth. You gotta floss after eating all those free Primo’s hoagies and Tastykakes.

  24. Listening to fat slob “Ant” “Cuz” and “anyguy” Rob “Weasle Face” Ellis make fun of an elderly guy calling in yesterday afternoon was pretty lame. If that guy, who was obviously north of age 80, was my Dad or Grandpa, I’d rip Gargano and Ellis’ tongues out.

  25. Morning show: Completely unlistenable.
    Mike and Ike: Mike is played out. Tired of hearing him. Ike is solid.
    Any & Rob: Ant is unlistenable with that voice that sounds like his tongue is stapled to his bottom lip. He lisps like a 3 year old fat boy. That hoagie-mouth accent is like nails on a chalkboard. When he does that overly-excited talk, I tune out. “Goooood Aaaaaafternooooooon Eveeeeereeeee Boodeeeeee.” Rob is just a generic weasle from Delaware County.
    Josh Innes: At least he’s entertaining.
    Rob Charry: Total curmudgeon who thinks no one else has access to the internet or new sources. “Say, did you hear Kim Kardashian posed on a magazine cover?” Totally clueless when it comes to current events, common knowledge, politics, pop culture.
    Farzetta: Tolerable, but kinda goofy, not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    **** Bring Macnow back and more Ray Didinger, please. ****

    1. I’ll take Rob Charry over 90% of the WIP hosts. He can carry a show when it’s busy and when it’s a dead/quiet season with nothing to talk about. AND he can actually put on a 5 hour show with Hollis Thomas. He should get a medal for that.
      E-A-G-L-E-S! EAGLES!!

  26. Hi, i’m Joe Cordell. Do you know someone going through a divorce? Bah the way, unless you’re in Mizzouruh or Illinois, I’m not lah-sensed in yer state. But that’s okay, we have other attorneys who are.

  27. 97.5 is going to think their getting an ace to their staff if they pick up Gargano. I would love that to happen. Gargano is a god damn moron.

  28. Bummer that Caltaldi’s deal has been renewed. He’s such a jerk and bully. WIP morning show ratings have more to do with the “can’t teach and old dog new tricks” mentality of its aging audience. (FYI I am 60+ and can stand Caltaldi.)

    I completely tune out WIP morning between late Nov and Super Bowl. Absolutely can’t stand the whole WingBowl hype over what amounts to a Philly SlobFest. Right up Caltaldi’s alley. Anything that degrades and exploits women, and brings out the Slob portion of Philly nation works for Caltaldi.

    The show really is losing it’s luster. Morgani outside of Hockey is an empty suit across the board. Jones is actually a smart guy, but demeans himself by playing “Amen Dougie” to any line of crap Caltaldi is selling on any given morning.

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