Brett Myers is a Terrible Musician Now

Photo Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Do you like country-rock music that is so stereotypically country-rock it actually sounds like a joke? Well, you’ll love the new EP from former-Phillie Brett Myers, called “Backwoods Rebel.” Or, as NBC Sports’ Craig Calcaterra put it in his fantastic lede: “If you thought that league average pitching and overlooked domestic violence was all that Brett Myers was about, you couldn’t be more wrong. He’s also a singer.”

The track list reads like a call for help — or cast-offs from a “Mr. Show” sketch — including tracks “I Need a Drink,” “Beer Hand Strong,” and lead single “Kegerator.” The EP also features the song “Chasing Tail,” for the ladies. As Myers’ website reads, Myers has been writing songs for years, but it wasn’t until his musician friend was “blown away by his clever concepts,” that they got together to create the “perfect blend of Southern Rock and Country with witty lyrics about drinking and life in the woods.”

Myers’ site says his album is “available everywhere now,” but everywhere doesn’t seem to include the U.S. version of iTunes or any store in the entire world. You can buy it for $6 on CDbaby.

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12 Responses

  1. This may be one of the best write-ups I’ve ever seen on here – fucking endless material with this one.

  2. $6 on CDBaby ?

    Both of my bands CD’s are on eBay from time to time at $12 to $50 (the Netherlands)
    ever since Mutt Lange copulated with Shania Twain, this mash up of “new country/hip hop” has taken over the airwaves.
    you want real country ? Hank Sr or Bocephus.

  3. Are we allowed to start a Godfather Locks thread on here since that post has comments turned off?

    “They’ve been sending me some of their picks lately to verify”….hmmm, wonder which picks.

    1. Can’t even curse in the comment sections anymore. Miss the old days with this site.

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