Chris Stigall, 1210AM, and the Phillies Suprise Iraq Vet with Phillies Phantasy Camp Invite

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As Christmas approaches and the national news seems to get more and more depressing by the day, it’s nice to have a local story that’s just something that can bring you a little cheer. And today, that cheer came from Liberty USO, the Phillies, and WPHT’s Chris Stigall.

On his show this morning, Stigall hosted Sergeant First Class Eric Wunder, a four-year veteran of the Air Force and twenty-year veteran of the Army National Guard, who served as a medic in Iraq. After having Wunder talk about the USO and some of his service for a bit, Stigall and Phils director of fun (sort of an oxymoron) John Brazer dropped the charade and let Wunder know why he was really there: to be informed that he’s going to Phillies Phantasy Camp.

As part of the package, Wunder will get a chance to hang out with his favorite player, John Kruk, play ball at the Phillies’ Spring Training home, and live out his baseball dream. And if he’s good enough, I’m pretty sure some corner outfield jobs are available.

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9 Responses

  1. Wow, look at Jim. It was just last month that he thought “The International Guard” was a thing. You’re growing up… into a giant pile of shit. Speaking of piles of shit, the dude is a war vet, why send him to anything having to do with the Phils, hasnt he seen enough?

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