CYBER MONDAY SALES: Last Chance to Save 20% in the CB Store, and Save up to 25% off Tickets


We’re continuing our weekend sale for one more day– take 20% off ALL ITEMS in the store except Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts. That includes new S-8 hoodies, long sleeve Culture Wins Football shirts, V for Victory, and more. No code required– the discount will be applied in cart.



Ugly Christmast Sweatshirts


Are on FIRE right now. First batch printing early this week. Order yours now and have it in time for all your holiday parties. They are $29 each or 2 for $50 with code BELLS, but both that deal, and the shirts, are available for a limited time only.

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Vendor Discount Code Expiration
Seller Direct Pro 25% Off TIQIQCM25 12/1 at 11:59pm


Vendor Discount Code Expiration
Ticketcity 10% 2014CM10 12/1 at 11:59pm


Vendor Discount Code Expiration
TNTickets 10% Off TIQIQBF 12/1 at 11:59pm


Vendor Discount Minimum Purchase Code
Razorgator $20 $200 SAVE20RG
Razorgator $25 $300 R0924-25
Razorgator $40 $400 SAVE40RG

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15 Responses

  1. No shame whatsoever. Where are the Shield t-shirts Kyle? Did they already sell out??


    1. I imagine they throw in an extra “Pick Up the Shield” shirt into the box when you buy another shirt.

      You get the Pick Up the Shield shirt along with the Crosby shirt they released the day after the Penguins advanced in the playoffs and the Flyers were knocked out.

      1. And don’t forget a Mo ne’ shirt, unveiled the day they lost to Nevada to get bounced. Awesome timing and biz sense this guy Kyle has

    1. I love how that S8 shirt is a cool $25. Kyle is looking for about a 300% profit on that one.

    2. Serious question: has anyone that reads this blog, actually purchased one of those piece of sh|t shirts? I feel like 99.5% of shirt sales are to people like cheese fry Johnny, who gave Sanchez a bite of his food, and blows a quarter of his net pay from Foot Locker on CHICKEN TENDERS!

    3. I imagine it is like the first appearance of Disco Stu on the Simpsons.

      “Sate! You should buy that shirt!”

      “Hey! Sate doesn’t advertise.”

  2. Who in their right mind would purchase one of these God-awful shirts? The shirts are boring and not clever even a little bit.
    They could be six for a dollar and still over-priced.

  3. Awesome shirts! Can you put me down for 10 of the “We Talking About Practice” shirts?

    I can’t wait to wear it to the Creed and Nickleback concert in a few weeks. Puddle of Mudd is playing too. I was upset when I heard the guy from Alice in Chains died. But these new bands rock hard! I can see Creed becoming like the new Rolling Stones. Did you guys see that new show American Idol? It’s so stupid.

    Anyway, I need to go. I want to see the new Spiderman movie. I’ve never heard of this Tommy McGwire guy who plays Spiderman, but it still looks good. Austin Powers Goldmember looks amazing too. I bet it will be better than the first one. That Beyonce girl is in it. She is annoying. I hope we never hear from her again!

    1. Hey don’t hate, I bought my “practice” shirt with dividends from my Enron stock, you know shortly after Tiger Woods was christened “the all-time God of golf”….

  4. Any research being done on report about univ of Florida contacting chip Kelley? Your smug response appreciated.

  5. Seems to me Mike Miss is a racist. Did you hear him presume that INGY (spelling?) wasn’t Christian because he’s of Korean descent?

    As annoying as INGY (sp?) can be, at least he asked Mike Miss “What’s that suppose to mean?” and it was hilarious watching Missanelli backtrack saying he’s interested what other cultures do for the Christmas holiday. INGY pushed him further saying it didn’t make sense that nationality doesn’t play into religion and Mikey Miss goes “well Muslims don’t, etc” which didn’t make any sense at all and was a feeble attempt to hide that he made a prejudice judgment that INGY wasn’t Christian because of his race.

    Also it would appear that he was VERY ANNOYED that he wasn’t invited to Steve Vas’s wedding over the weekend. He brought it up a bunch. Butt hurt much?

    1. Of all the tired bits Grandpa Mikey rolls out, his alleged love of indie rock is the one that grinds my gears the most. He loves arcade fire about as much as my dad does. Wildly overrated Dan Patrick used to talk about his love of indie rock too. It must be something old guys do to try and connect with their younger audience. It’s incredibly lame.

      Speaking of things that are lame, how ’bout this t-shirt sale. I have a couple fresh ideas though. Feel free to steal them KYLE!
      ‘This is Philadelphia and we like CHICKEN TENDERS!’
      ‘We talking ’bout CHICKEN TENDERS!’
      Just a few ideas off the top of my head, I’ll let everyone know if I come up with any more.
      You’re welcome KYLE!

      1. Agreed about the “indie rock”. It’s one thing if Mike listens to that stuff in his car alone and no one knew. But he drones on and on about how he went to this concert here and saw this band there. Meanwhile, the only people his age at the show are the stage crew, some burned out roadie and maybe a floor manager. The entire crowd is 30 and under.

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