DeMarco Murray was Probably Banging His Old College Teammate’s Wife

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 9.42.49 AM

Brennan Clay is a former Oklahoma running back who is currently not on an NFL roster. DeMarco Murray is a former Oklahoma running back who is leading the NFL in rushing. And Brennan Clay is going though a divorce, probably because DeMarco Murray was having sex with his wife.

According to Clay’s twitter — where he first mentioned the affair a few days ago, saying “So Demarco Murray was having an affair with my wife ..I’m done” — that screengrab above is from a text exchange between his wife and Murray after Clay left to try out for the Chargers. Clay claims there are more texts that he saw, and he’s “disgusted,” so maybe we’ll see more come out in the next few days. The more distractions for Jerry’s boys, the better.

And at least LeSean McCoy only sleeps with women who are already divorced … that we know about.

h/t Deadspin


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    1. Any girl that betrays her race is a whore. So, BOTH black and white guys should be aware these white chicks with black guys are whores and not to be trusted. Brennan got what he deserved for being stupid enough to have 2 kids with a whore.

  1. LeSean McCoy only sleeps with divorced women. And pours Hawaiian punch on them, physically kicks them off of buses, sends his twitter followers after the mother of his child to attack her and abuse her, and allegedly has spread herpes to women.

    Great guy all around.

  2. After the mandatory Google search for a pic she appears to look like a straight up ghetto skank. Nothing surprising here.

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