Ed Snider is Amazed at How Poorly the Flyers are Playing

Ed Snider, who has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind, seems pretty amazed at how terribly the Flyers are playing right now. Snider told Sam Carchidi over the phone:

“Never seen anything like it in all the years I’ve been in hockey. Even when we were an expansion team somebody chipped in here and there … It’s not going to be an easy fix if we can’t get more production out of our players. You can’t be a one-line team and win in this league.”

And it’s not even that the Flyers have, as Carchidi points out, have “gotten just two goals – two – from forwards who were not on their first line.” It’s that Snider just doesn’t get it. “It’s a similar team as last year, and it’s very hard for me to understand what’s going on,” Snider said. “It’s the coach’s job to fix it, and the GM’s job to do whatever he can to help the coach.” And again, Snider cannot stress enough how much this confuses him.

He knows that Voracek and Giroux are playing their part, but really, when is everyone else going to show up? “What’s going on with everybody else,” Snider continued, presumably sounding more and more befuddled. “What’s going on with [Sean] Couturier, [Matt] Read, Simmonds, and the other guys? They should be chipping in with some goals. It’s weird … Even [Vinny] Lecavalier got 20 goals last year. What happened?”

But on the bright side, Snider knows this can’t stay this way. He knows that players can’t just not score all year. It’s gonna pick up. And if it doesn’t? “That would be the most shocking thing I’ve ever seen.” So Snider is either going to be happy or very, very confused. Either way, we’ll hear about it.


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  1. I’m amazed how poorly they are playing especially considering they have a TOP FIVE ELITE NHL GOALTENDER Steve Mason starting between the pipes for them.

    You figure no matter how bad the defense is, a TOP FIVE ELITE NHL GOALTENDER who steal a few games for them from time to time.

    After all a TOP FIVE ELITE NHL GOALTENDER would turn a bad into a decent team by the virtue of being a TOP FIVE ELITE NHL GOALTENDER alone.

      1. Yes he did.

        “He continues to impress. He still has to show that he can be consistent over a full season, but he has all the tools to be a top 5 goalie in the league.

        But please, national broadcasters, stop crediting Flyers goaltending coach Jeff Reese. This is the same guy who oversaw the cluster F that was 2011, Ilya Bryzgalov’s implosion, and watched as Sergei Bobrovsky realized his talent elsewhere. I’m just not ready to declare Reese The Goalie Whisperer until Steve Mason becomes an All-Star or wins the Vezina, because I think he’s talented enough to do so.”

        1. Kyle’s other astute observation about Sergei Bobrovsky. A flash in the pan who all signs are pointing to him returning to Russia and the KHL next season.

    1. It wouldn’t be a Flyers post without this jackass pissing and moaning about Steve Mason. The dude is the only reason they’ve even been in most of these shitty games and you still won’t fuck off. This team is a train wreck outside of Voracek, Giroux, and Mason. Let’s hire another GRITTY FORMER FLYER to right the ship. Also while we’re at it let’s lock up Rinaldo for a few more years. THAT’ll SHOW EM ALL.

      1. Did I say anything about grit or Rinaldo? No. I’m calling out the blogger who runs this site who made that insane statement about Steve Mason.

        Any professional goalie would keep the team in “most of these shitty games” a “top five” goalie would steal a bunch of these close games.

        Is the offense bad outside of the first line? Yes. Is defense bad? Yep. Is the goaltending bad? It sure is.

        There is a reason Mason and Emery came so cheap. You get what you pay for.

        Steve Mason is part of the train wreck. He is not a great goalie who is sucking because of bad defense. He is a bad goalie who is sucking along with a bad defense. The guy is mediocre at best and got shit out of the Columbus system after sucking for four years and wound up here and the fans, the media and Kyle Scott act like he’s Patrick Roy come down from on high to save the franchise.

        He is a stop-gap solution at best until they either develop (ha!) or can afford an actual NHL top tier goaltender.

      2. Aside from Giroux, Voracek, and Mason, I think you’ve got to give Streit some credit, too. He’s done a decent job over taking over for Timonen and the defensive leader.

        I’d give Simmonds some credit for working hard, but he’s been saddled with Lecavalier and Umberger as linemates for most of the season. It’s hard to produce when those two are your co-workers.

        1. Mason ranked: 33rd in wins; has the 5th most losses and 13th most goals against of any goalie despite only playing in 15 games; his save percentage is ranked 23rd in the league and his GAA is 31st. This is not a bright spot. This is not a good goalie no matter how mediocre the defense is. And it is certainly not a “top five” NHL goalie.

  2. They’ve only gotten two goals out of forwards other than the first line in the last nine games. Not that that makes much difference, but the way it’s worded currently is misleading/wrong.

  3. Was this written by a fucking 12-year-old? Kyle needs to fire Jim. The Jim experiment has failed.

      1. He gets to keep 100% of the profits from selling “Pick Up the Shield” T-shirts in the parking lot at the Linc the past 2 weeks.

        Jim is really excited to sell them this weekend. It will be his first time selling them during an Eagles game.

  4. The Sixers suck intentionally,what’s the Flyers excuse?

  5. Berman doing football highlights ( and making up nicknames while doing it) or Eskin in fur coat and sneakers/ Beats get- up on sidelines.?

  6. Ed’s still clueless. Yes, it is basically the same team as last year but the other teams got better. What did Flyers do in offseason to get better? Nothing. Can Hextall fire Berube or is that Ed’s call? Ed fires a Stanley Cup winning coach after just three losses but Berube is still around now? Lavy laughing all the way to first place. Ed crying in his Viagra.

  7. Ed Snider is the Al Davis of the NHL. Hey Ed…. 1975 was almost 40 years ago !!!!
    Muckers and grinders wont cut it anymore. No talent ex Flyers goons making personnel decisions wont do it.
    I am done with this team until every ex Flyer is purged from the organization.

  8. I am baffled by the way the team is playing this year and I think half the blame goes to ownership/management. Hextall has done absolutely nothing good for us except make the team worst than it already was. Let’s face it. We have Giroux and Vorajek and the rest of the team is pretty much a team of mediocre guys who either never reached their potential, or are way passed their best years. Berube has never been able to make anything happen with this team. I’m from Ottawa and it’s embarassing to see how well the Senators are playing compared to the flyers considering the fact they have an even shittier team on paper.

    1. What could Hextall have done?

      He signed who he could for the defense with the shit cap situation he inherited (and MDZ and Schultz, while not good, have been better than expected). He traded Hartnell, which certainly hurts this year but gives them more flexibility sooner (and Columbus isn’t exactly lighting it up, even with Hartnell being better than Umberger).

      What else could he have done? He couldn’t trade any of the defensemen, and that’s the only way this team is going to improve- getting rid of some of those contracts.

      I don’t think you can blame Hextall yet. He has a plan, gotta give him 2-3 years to see it to fruition. No, the team isn’t doing everything it can to WIN RIGHT NOW!! but that hasn’t exactly worked over the past 30 years, either.

      1. Agreed but I think he has to fire Berube. Flyers have a lot of young players and whatever they are learning from Berube isn’t helping them improve any. It is surprising to me that the Flyers would keep a coach who isn’t winning, isn’t improving their young players, and wouldn’t be a head coach for any other NHL team. Nepotism is ugly and we’re looking at it.

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