FiveThirtyEight Reminds You that the Eagles Aren’t Out of it Yet

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But it doesn’t look good: We all know this weekend’s Eagles game is a must-win, because losing would put a nail in the coffin of their season and also be super embarrassing. But the Dallas/Indianapolis matchup is just as important (maybe more so) in determining the Eagles’ immediate fate. FiveThirtyEight, as always, has done the math on this.

If the Eagles win, Dallas’ chances to make the playoffs drop only down to 77.8%, while the Eagles’ chances leap up to 48.9% — actually not too shabby. But the biggest break the Eagles could get (obviously) would be for Dallas to lose to the Colts. With a Dallas loss, the Eagles’ playoff chances go from 39.5% to 57.8%. With a Cowboys win, they drop to 23.5%. And if Dallas beats the Colts or the Eagles lose to the Redskins, the Cowboys’ playoff chances hop up to an almost identical percentage in the 93% range.

And finally, in totally (hopefully) unrealistic odds, if the Redskins beat the Eagles, the Birds’ playoff chances dip down to 7.8%, which might as well be a five-win season for some.


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  2. Anyone who is still optimistic about the Eagles’ chances at this point are extremely out of touch with reality. OK, so lets say they do somehow muddle their way into the playoffs – are they getting past Seattle or Green Bay? Even the Lions would beat them at this point.

    Until they can get a real franchise quarterback and establish a legit secondary, the Eagles are non contenders.

  3. Yes, they are! A fuckin’ blind man can see that! Stick a fork in ’em! The ones that think they are not done are the ones who say we’re going to the Super Bowl every fuckin’ year! HaHaHaHa!

  4. Why is no one talking about the Lions/Packers? If either loses this weekend, the Eagles get the wild card if they win out. Sure they’re both favored against bad to terrible teams but they’re on the road.

  5. They have the talent to beat the Eagles. They present more challenges than the Redskins.

  6. Eagles will prob choke job one of their last two games. Somebody should punch Riley Cooper in the face. He’s terrible. Paging Marcus Smith….has anyone seen marcus smith? His mother is worried, she hasn’t seen him in a game all year.

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