Idiots Indeed Blocked Broad and Pattison Last Night

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There are so many things wrong with the whole concept of “MASS DISRUPTION to bring about change!” The most zealous protestors and their online supporters will tell you that it worked in the 1960s. Yeah, it did… but that was also a half a century ago. Taking to the streets was one of the few (only) ways to be heard. And the leader back then encouraged peaceful civil disobedience through the intentional violation of unjust laws. Lying in the middle of the street, “shutting down” a city, or doing a “die-in” at a train station or place of business isn’t civil disobedience, it’s being disruptive for the sake of being disruptive. This is 2014, there are now quite a few ways to get your message across to others, or to get loud about an injustice. We no longer have to stop traffic and create chaos to bring about change. What’s more is that, with this particular issue, most people – myself included – are largely in agreement with protestors(!). I don’t know if the cop who strangled Eric Garner should be found guilty of murder– it’s not up to me to decide… but it should have been up to 12 of his peers. As for Ferguson? We’ll never know exactly what happened with Michael Brown, but regardless, the way police treated citizens in the days, weeks and months following the incident was and is an outrage. And those are just two examples of the countless injustices that happen every day. Something does need to be done. The law enforcement establishment does need to better train police officers to deal with the types of situations that led to the deaths of Brown and Garner. They do need to better understand the very members of the communities they’re charged with protecting. The justice system does need more checks and balances to prevent the whitewashing of apparent crimes. But here’s the thing: THE MEDIA AGREES! MOST RATIONAL PEOPLE AGREE! We have momentum here. Let’s do something about it!

Or… we can just be a general nuisance to society while nothing actually gets done.

To protestors and their supporters, marching through the streets is the ONLY way to bring about this change. Clearly there’s no other way. You’re an idiot for wondering in this day an age of mass communication if there’s somehow a better way to bring much needed attention to an issue. God forbid someone asks if effectively using this great thing called the Internet (which, mind you, is the only reason we even know the name Eric Garner) or doing what reader (@Reef215) and his brother are doing…

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… are better ways than lying in the middle of the busiest intersection of the city as 70,000 people try to leave an Eagles game. Or better than heckling parents and children at a Christmas tree lighting. Or lying in the middle of an Apple store in New York. Those aren’t first amendment rights. It’s not any right to create havoc for fellow citizens, to endanger police who are now spending their days trying to protect the very people calling them murderers, or to disrupt private business so you can play dead in the middle of their store.

The protesters and supporters act as though standing in front of your car or disrupting your day will, in some way, shape or form, solve this injustice. Bullshit. It’s not solving anything. It is grandstanding. You know what, if blocking traffic, or ruining some kid’s Christmas, or, hell, canceling an entire football season would bring about an end to racism, murder, war, whatever, then as far as I’m concerned, do whatever it takes. But we all know that’s not the case. Though the message varies – some supporters say the protest is to win hearts and minds, other say it’s to bring society to its knees until something changes – the fact remains that protests are designed to change the minds of a certain subsection of the population, whether that’s something as all encompassing as “white people” or as specific as the attorney general. Protesting is, at its core, sales.  So here’s a little advice on doing that: know your audience. If you think that the best places to protest are Christmas tree lightings, train stations, busy intersections, football games and Apple stores, then you yourself are identifying your target audience. Know them. Know that one of the things that those people value is their time. Know that, rightly or wrongly, lying in the middle of a train station at 4 p.m. on a weekday says to them: “I don’t have a job and I’m just going to bitch about the way things are instead of doing something to actually change it.” Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not– but that’s how the message is perceived, and when you’re trying to get your message across to people, perception is all that matters. If people are shouting at you, “get a job!” and “get run over by a bus!” it probably means your message isn’t getting through and you should find a new tactic.

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I have no doubt that FS09 is well-intentioned here, but his ridiculous example can basically be used the other way: Is your 4-minute traffic delay going to prevent unjust police killing or systematic abuse? NO! Of course not. And that’s my whole point. The protesters act as though there’s a direct correlation between their very specific disruption and bringing about change. I think that’s a wildly over-simplistic, rosy view of a complicated dynamic. There are a myriad ways to make a statement, to garner attention, without being a nuisance. Two wrongs don’t make a right, or lead to a right. All they do is make things worse and erode intelligent discourse. I’ve literally seen some of the protesters on Twitter using the hashtag #SHUTITDOWN. Yeah, that’s a great idea. Stupid battle cries like that are nothing more than extremely liberal opportunists taking a justified protest and turning it into a farce.

I’m all for that right protest, to speak your mind, to bring attention to an issue. But personally I think you’re an asshole if your version of doing that is inconveniencing or endangering decent people who are guilty of nothing other than trying to go about their daily lives. You’re not doing yourself or your cause any favors by annoying them. And I’m speaking generally here. Hell, I hate Comcast and think they, like Initech, represent all that is soulless and wrong with America, but I’m not going to encourage my followers to harass the 99% of the decent people who work there as they enter the Comcast Center each morning. I’d be a hypocrite to do so. There are better ways, just like there are better ways to fight this real injustice.

Protesters and supporters act like this is all a zero-sum game, that if you complain about or disagree with their tactics you somehow willingly stand in the way of justice. They’ll tell you that if you get pissed off because they stand between your long work day and going home, or picking up your kid, or going to your second job, or eating dinner, then you’re a racist who should kill yourself or whose wife should kill herself:

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Lil Bro Baggins seems to be big on the suicide thing.

I’m tempted to explain that, say, the people stuck in traffic on a Wednesday night are people who may have worked through four years of expensive college so they could get the job that requires them to wake up at 6 a.m., drive an hour and a half into the city, work 10 hours, and then drive an hour and a half home to spend an hour or two with the very family they are trying to support… but doing so would only be giving in to the tiny fraction of people who think that their right to protest is greater than someone else’s right to move about freely without being harassed or stalled by lunatics. You don’t need a reason to be aggravated by someone who thinks their cares are more important than yours.


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  1. A bunch of complete losers.
    Someone should have thrown a handful of firecrackers into the middle of these idiots.

    1. Firecrackers? Try fucking grenades. These lowlife scumbags pulling this stunt just want attention for themselves.

      It makes me furious that people exist on the same planet that I do that actually think doing this will change anyone’s mind.

      1. I love being part of this movement! I feel like black people really understand me know ( ok maybe only the ones I know from college)

        1. It’s now not know billy!! Hah silly boy….don’t get run over in the street sweet heart

  2. Oh poor you for getting stuck in traffic for 10 minutes while brothers are getting killed left and right by racist cops.

    1. ……and there goes the point, right over your head! Did you even read the post?

      You also seem to have a poor understanding of how traffic works. Delaying that many cars for four and a half minutes leads to an exponential increase in a delay in traffic. However, that’s not really the point. Just saying.

    2. You are a clueless moron.
      Explain to me how a bunch jackasses laying in the road has any impact on their issue.

    3. It would have been the right of every angry, inconvenienced fan to empty their beer filled bladders on the faces of these lifeless, jobless, thug union funded lowlife bastards. It would be the first bath they’d experience in weeks. Obama will tout these scumbags a “newly employed” in his next released phony jobs numbers. I liked the OWS vermin better when they were raping white girls on drugs and shitting on Mayor Nutless’ steps at City Hall. They threw those derelicts out once they started wasting our tax dollars on union construction goons building that worthless Dillworth plaza. These are the same low-lives who beat each other up over half-price d Jordans or Beats headphones and never call the cops when their 8yr old unsupervised kids are shot dead in North and West Philly in nightly drive bys by black thugs who run amok in our Democrat run down cesspool. AX them if black lives matter when they abort thousands of babies every year, or Doc Gosnell is snipping their spines in his ghetto butcher shop. The REAL civil rights heroes fought for legit equality in the 60’s. These misinformed slugs are using this fake “hands up” bullcrap as useful idiots in Obamas war on white people to get the “base” all fired up to elect Killary in 2016. As Mooshell Obama once said about our great country ” all of this for a flag?” No Chewbacca, all of this for a couple of worthless, criminal thugs being held up as “heroes” to the unwashed, uneducated and most worthless generation of our nations history.

    4. Brothas are being killed by brothas at a much higher rate than police protecting themselves after getting assaulted and having guns pointed at them by repeat offenders. More whites were killed by police than blacks. More blacks are killed by their own than any other race. You don’t see police officers protesting liberal judges who keep slapping people on the back of their hands, thinking they can be rehabilitated, who in return don’t want to go back to prison and murder police officers.

  3. You are in over your head, Kyle.

    Let’s the adults discuss this.

    Cops are executing citizens on the street. Who cares if a bunch of people are delayed by 5 minutes getting home from an Eagles game?

    Besides, it takes them 90 minutes to empty the lots anyway. It probably added 10 minutes to most people’s drive home.

    1. But what does blocking traffic remotely do to solve the issue of cops executing people in the streets!? THIS WILL NOT CHANGE A THING! You say let the adults talk about this to defend adults who literally played in traffic. That makes zero sense whatsoever.

      1. They got Kyle to post about it 3 times.

        The only thing he ever posts 3 times are his lame t-shirts and things about the former traffic girl from Good Day.

        It’s about forcing the conversation. That is what they accomplished yesterday.

        1. Ah yes you are right this really forced a constructive, educational conversation…

          What a joke…

    2. Incorrect nitwit. Cops are not “executing” people in the street. A very small minority of cops have had a couple questionable encounters with criminals on the streets watch then led to an accidental death of the criminal or a justified shooting. And again that’s a very small minority. Stop believing everything the media tells you as if it’s every single cop.

    3. executed. Your brain obviously was killed a while back, huh Doctor. Any kinship to the good Doc Gosnell?

    4. Listen here you fucking dipshit, what makes these stupid fucking liberals feel accomplished for inconveniencing random people? try getting a job and contribute to society you fucking clueless moron

  4. you liberals wanted taxes for every goddamn thing. Did you think that shit was optional? If you don’t pay King Obama his cut on cigarettes, the police will put your ass in a cage.. and if you resist they reserve the right to kill you. Fucked up but you asked for it.

    1. That’s a strong, reasoned take. We would love to have you on! Can you call and ask for Tony?

  5. Can’t wait to read the comments from all the buffoons defending this BS “protesting”. Change dot org! amirite?

    1. Hey, those buffoons work for us! Can you give us a call? Might get some real debate going!

    2. I don’t think this die-in was a good form of protest. But if you’re going to agree (seemingly) with Kyle (who thinks the internet for protesting is where it’s at), you probably shouldn’t use the biggest illustration of how the internet isn’t some magical issue-solving machine.

      Again, I don’t think this idea was all that great. But people like Kyle think that just because he’s on Twitter that everyone knows about all these issues. But for the Fox News watchers, the older generations and the people who just don’t pay attention all that much, stuff like this IS what gets the conversation moving. Among those people. Who are needed if change is going to actually happen.

      After an Eagles game? Not the best time. But inconveniencing people IS how you make this shit work.

      1. You say you ‘need those people if change is going to happen’ and you honestly think the best way to get them on your side is to inconvenience them? I don’t even remotely see the logic in that.

        “hey – lets boo a childrens christmas choir and gridlock center city, that will really get people to join our cause”

  6. I like Kyle sticking up for the good honest working man…

    who spent 4 years in college…

    lives 90 minutes out of the city…

    and parks his car in the city.

    Damn, dude. Even when you pretend to know what real people are like, you can’t shake your privilege.

  7. Fools. They closed Broad St from 95 to Packer Ave for a 4 min protest. The damn street was still shut down an hour after the game. People were stuck in the lots for hours.

    The Mayor enables these liberal fools.

    Where does it saw in the Constitution that you are allowed to block public streets and disrupt traffic? Protest where ever you want but leave us alone. The police were under orders from Mayor Putter to let this happen. He’s a bald nuttless enabling fool.

    1. It’s in the First Amendment.

      It’s kind of hard to miss it.

      The protesters have the same right to use the street as you do. They were choosing to use it to protest. People at the Eagles games were using it get home.

      I don’t see anybody complaining when everybody comes pouring out of the stadium and people can’t figure out how to read a traffic light.

      People are stuck in the lots for hours after every Eagles game.

      1. They have the right to use the street? So in your warped world I can just close down 76 when ever I want and play some football?

        Go back to sleep and cash the check we send you for doing nothing.

        1. Football isn’t allowed, but if you wanted to get a nice street hockey game going, I believe that is legal.

        2. Best damn post I’ve ever read.
          Not sure which part is funnier – throwing the football around on I-76 or getting a check for sleeping.

      2. Another lawyer on the crossingbroad comment boad huh?? You are absolutely not allowed to use the street to protest. Pulled this right from the ACLU website so you know there is absolutely no bias there

        “A protest that blocks vehicular or pedestrian traffic is illegal without a permit….Demonstrators who engage in civil disobedience – defined as non-violent unlawful action as a form of protest – are not protected under the First Amendment. People who engage in civil disobedience should be prepared to be arrested or fined as part of their protest activity.”

  8. I love the broad generalizations by most of these scumbag commenters on the protestors. Look in the mirror, you are what is wrong with society today.

      1. For one, generalizing a segment of the population as homeless, jobless thugs because they are protesting something.

  9. Since this site is always just what has been on Deadspin for 4 hours, I am sure the editors noticed the story about the 400 unarmed people of color who have been killed by police officers. Should we look for the condensed version of that here too? Or will that story be overlooked?

    1. How about we look at all the Philadelphia police offers killed in the line of duty over the last 10 years.? 13 to be exact…all murdered by ‘people of color’

      Or is that something that will just be overlooked??

        1. Are you fucking shitting me with this response?? I hope to god your not insinuating that they should be equal?

          and no shit they arent equal, as the 400 number is a nationwide statistic with an absolutely insane amount of bias behind it.

          1. correct it’s 400 and it has a ton of bias behind it. The bias is it’s not even close to the real #. 795 out of 18,000 police agencies have reported 2400 police killings. from 2007-2012. That’s 4% of police agencies reporting 2400 killings. Wonder what the # would be if the other 96% reported.

      1. Ok, and how many of those cop killers were declared innocent and allowed to walk to street? As far as I know, all of them got life in prison or death sentences.

        People just want justice for the people being killed by cops.

        1. The entire post isnt against the reasoning of the protest…I think majority of the public agree that the Erik Garner situation should have been investigated further and that is happening federally, but the way these protests are being carried out is the issue.

          Why Boo a childrens choir at a tree lighting ceremony? Why block traffic at rush hour? Why try to paint all police officers as the bad guys?

          You are losing support among the general public whether you admit it or not.

  10. While this may be your blog, you should know better than to post personal opinions on matters that 1. Are controversial in today’s media that include race relations and matters with the police. 2. That have nothing to do with sports after you report that it tied up traffic after the eagles game. I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but how dare you take sides against police, no matter what they did or didn’t do. You disgust me in every possible way. You’ve yet again pushed away another reader. Not that you care at all. You and your retarded puppy Jim can jerk each other off and keep thinking you’re reporting on the sporting news in Philly.

      1. Because you were “pro protester” meaning you understood their cause equals you are anti police.

        It’s way fucked up logic that has got us to this issue in the first place.

      2. Kyle,

        First time in a long time I 100% agree with you. What I do not understand is , why during this post in no way did you show any means in defending your wife. ????? But you were so quick to protect that traffic whores feelings.

    1. How dare you take sides against the police?


      forgot they do nothing wrong…ever….Go away sheep

  11. I used to visit this site all the time when you first started. I had it bookmarked and it was my first place to go the day after a Phillies game.

    Now, I largely forget about it until you post something stupid on the Facebook page and it shows up on my newsfeed.

    I’d take you more seriously if I thought for one minute you knew what you were talking about. You think that because we have access to mass communications that tried and true methods of civil protests are no longer necessary? Seriously? When people are peacefully utilizing the streets they paid for through their taxes (and everyone pays taxes, even it’s sales tax rather than income tax) and exercising their right to freely assemble in order to air their grievances, you’re going to take them to task because some people couldn’t get home quickly?

    That’s precisely why they did it. Because when they stick to the internet, you can dismiss them by blocking them on your newsfeed and clicking to another page, but when you’re prevented from leaving a sports stadium due to a protest , you’re paying attention.

    That’s why the movement worked in the 1960s, because they took their protests to the streets where you couldn’t ignore them.

    It’s not the media they’re courting, it’s self-entitled pricks like you. (And I would never mistake you for a member of the media. You’d have to offer something interesting to the world and I haven’t seen that from CB in years.)

      1. yeah, Mikey Miss will take you to TLA to get all fucked up watching 20-yr old no talent jerkoffs and you can blow him on South Street in front of Jim’s steaks. Sound good?

    1. His point was inconveniencing others is not going to get more people on your side and he’s right.

      Not saying I agree or disagree with what they did, I fall on the side or pro protestor than not but he was right about that one point.

    2. Did these protestors ever consider a protest on the sidewalks adjacent to the stadium? Of course not, as that would be entirely too civil.

    3. Melis, it’s not that people support abuse of power by any law enforcement or person of authority, it’s just your god damn selective values are too outrageous to ignore.

      You pretenders don’t honestly care about human life. You don’t care about people who are murdered.. you just pick and choose your new ass cause to get all giddy about so you can act like you’re actually fighting for something. You aren’t fighting for shit. You love cops. You need cops. Yeah some are bad.. we get it. So are some mothers. Some moms drown their kids in the bathtub, but you don’t see me climb my neighbors tree and refuse to come down because some lady in Wisconsin decided to sink her kids?

      Do you dare take your group of freedom fighters to the street when hundreds of little African girls were kidnapped by Muslim Militants and sold off as wives? You know what you people did along your hero Michelle O? Hashtag BringBackOurGirls. Okey dokey, great strategy losers. Take your fake ass compassion to twitter just so we know how much you value human life.

      I bet you protest when your drunk uncle drives home from your Christmas party. Didn’t you know over 10,000 people are killed by drunk drivers per year? Kids, families.. innocent people just drivin down the road in their Toyota minivan? Go protest your scum bag uncle you selective fraud. Lets see some protestin!

    4. Good post Melissa. One of the more intelligent things I have seen on this site.

      I am sure you can expect 20 replies full of ignorance and sexism.

      1. What ignorance? You’re enlightened? Did you and the bros march down Broad St in 2013 when Philly had one of the highest homicide rates in the Nation? Nah you brushed it off.. there was no call for awareness.. no trendy ‘die-in.’

        It didn’t fit your agenda that year. It wasn’t cool enough for you bros.

  12. This reminds me of the time I protested Desean Jackson’s request for a new contract. I won’t re-hash the entire story, but the gist of it is that I broke into his house and spray farted onto his bed. Luckily, regular Andy was outside in the car for emotional support. I don’t think I could have done it without him. We’ve always felt that feces dropped in inappropriate places sends the ultimate message. It’s kind of a Schreiber family tradition.

  13. +++++++++

    ME: So the deer just need to run the read-option and they’ll confuse the heck out of Trent Cole!


    ME: Just got the Kevin Durant sneaks. Was gonna get the Lebrons but Mercedes downgraded my whip so now I gotta schlep with the Durants.


    ME: So Riley Cooper, huh? Didn’t play well yesterday because he was forced to wear a black jersey.


  14. Let’s leave the discussions to the men now go back to the kitchen and make your man a sandwich

  15. Kyle,

    Clearly you are white #1 and clearly you have yet to come to an understanding that qualifies you to write a piece on this subject. You have no idea what the black experience is, you are denying white privilege and fail to come to any reasonable, analytic conclusion to your perspective. Who would allow this to be published on their site I do not know. You are an example of why this country us not able to effectively transcend into a place of equal opportunity for all people regardless if socioeconomic status or race. You’re points are irrelevant to the 21st century and I suggest you never write an oped like this ever again without a respectable, existentially educated opinion.

    1. Get back in the kitchen. If you spent more time working on your cooking than spewing nonsense on the internet, maybe your house guests wouldn’t puke. And would it hurt for you to have Ginger Ale on-hand for guests? Sheesh lady.

  16. I’m going to start a protest at McDonalds because of the 4 minute wait I get in the drive thru its a simple task…. Master that and then I will join your cause

  17. I don’t have a problem with the protesting at all. But I do have a problem with the fact that it’s completely acceptable for a black man to kill another black man and nobody cares. No problem until a white (or whitish) person is behind the gun. Does anyone think we would know the name Trayvon had his killer been black? No way. There would have been no protests, no looting, no Al Sharpton.

  18. So I guess we weren’t really expected to win against Seatle so it’s hard to get too down on the team. But it does suck that the season once again comes down to a showdown with the ‘boys. What I wouldnt give for a season where we cruise into the post season.

  19. Why are FanSince09’s moronic fame-seeking tweets relevant? His tweet above makes little to no sense when read word for word. Twitter is for illiterate tools, and in one tweet we are shown what an idiot he is. The real idiots are not the ones lying in the street, they’re the ones who act like they know sports then try to speak intelligently about REAL issues. Also idiots–the majority of readers/commenters on this site. Nothing but a bunch of racist lowlifes wasting space. Something’s really wrong with this country if cops can have so much power to literally get away with murder. Wow, to be so blind to either think these killings are in any way justifiable or that smooth flows of traffic from a shitty sports game is more important than protesting outrageous murders of unarmed citizens…Crossingbroad blows.

    1. I love how people are acting like cops are going around sniping little Timmy and Suzy while they’re picnicking in the park.

  20. Kyle, most of the time i disagree with you. But it is so easy to see the problem here. I’m a white kid who grew up in Chester, go ahead and make your jokes, but this “struggle” that black people claim to go through is complete bullshit. I had friends who acted respectful to people and were not committing crimes, they also came from nothing but didnt complain and were not looking for any handouts. Those guys went into the military, went to college, got the hell out of chester and never went back. meanwhile some people i know have this fantasy that staying in the hood for life is this wonderful accomplishment. I’m not talking strictly black people either, it’s all races. Believe it or not, i wasn’t the only white kid, plus there is some latino people as well.

    In the cases of Garner and Brown, i sit back and watch all the protesters and im like “seriously”??? If you dont think Darren Wilson was justified then you just hate cops or bought into all the media’s propaganda just like in the trayvon case. Eric Garner was a career criminal who “omg he had a family just like….” well then why doesnt he get a job like everyone else instead of being a crook and getting arrested 31 times. Are cops perfect? fuck no! but its an imperfect job. It’s just like any other job. Now you got these anti-authority protesters who see a couple overblown cases on our oh so upstanding and honorable news channels like fox , msnbc and cnn all pushing their own agendas, telling their own stories or they just hear some dumb shit on social media which is even worse.

    At the end of the day , lose the excuses, pull up your boot straps, respect the people in authority posistions and EARN a fuckin living and you just may get somewhere in life

  21. Kyle, there were 23 people on the *grand* jury. Not 12. And the grand jury does not determine innocence or guilt.
    Thanks for obtaining all of the facts.

  22. Honestly, I hope that the comments you have received have given you perspective on how challenging this is and how saying that “most rational people agree” gets a little hairy. I see what you are trying to say, but you don’t offer much other than criticism for the people who are actually trying to do something- however annoying or ineffectual your opinion of it is, because that is all you can offer. If you have some suggestions on how to affect change- in particular via the internet- I would be all ears. I would’ve been less annoyed by having read this, and I sure would feel a little more sympathy that some people were bothered at the Apple store. You didn’t, you just come off as pretentious, really; and highly unaware of your own biases, which is the same critique you gave to the ‘annoying’ protesters. If you really believe and want change, you need to find a way to support all those who are trying to make it happen- because despite your comment that “most rational people agree”, I think if you do spend some time on the internet, you will find a lot of hate, racism, and victim blame, and more than anything, a lot of confusion.

    1. And “most rational people would agree” that you have your own biases. Funny how lefties throw out “tolerance” then don’t have the self awareness to realize that they lack it

    2. Don’t break laws and listen to cops and you won’t get killed by cops. Now, we can focus on the real problem in the black community and stop blaming others for our problems. Maybe we should stop shooting each other, go to school, stop having babies we can’t raise properly……

  23. “White Privilege”- the preferred liberal term to maliciously characterize people who respect rules of law, pursue an education, and the overall betterment of themselves and their families (aka American values). Despite the fact that non-white cultures such as various Asian communities in this country also promote this same direction for the betterment of their own cultures, it is deemed as evil and racist because good old whitey is the A#1 target for the media and the communists who control them. Those same anti-American communists also happen to finance these protests and riots you see unfolding before you on TV every day. In fact, they have one of their own in the White House and heading the Department of Justice.

      1. Thank you, sir. Anyone who actually survived growing up in Chester has my respect, let alone a white dude. Holy fuck

  24. “I’ve had enough of the way things been done
    Every man on a razors edge
    Someone has used us to kill with the same gun
    Killing each other by driving a wedge”

    – Empty Glass, Pete Townshend

  25. F$ck science. Even though the federal autopsy reached similar conclusions to the local autopsy I still know he had his hands up…..I still believe it in the bottom of my heart….please continue to pray and march with us.

    1. I am with you. If we protest enough we can deflect attention from the real problems. Mike Brown would have ended up dead from a black bullet or in prison, but now we can blame his death on racism. Deflect, deflect, deflect.

  26. Wow, looks like you brought out all of the crazy, right wing dolts with this one. You know, the ones who hate the govt, hate taxes and hate any/all support of the govt through rules or regulations- except when that same govt allows its thugs to kill poor black ghetto folk without repercussion. The real honesty of this discussion comes out in these comments where people can state their racist bullshit, which is the backbone of the Fox News style attacks of those protesting.

    Sure the USA is completely fair, where everyone has the same opportunity to make something of themselves and the police are merely here to assist those in need……….what a bunch of shit these people have bought into!!

    The real fact is that your personal ceiling is dictated by the zip code you were born into, and upward mobility is at the lowest level since the robber-baron days of the late 1800’s – this is a FACT, look up the statistics between your USA chants people!! Add the fact that popular black culture is a complete fucking mess that has bought into superficial materialism and gettin’ mines as priority #1 (how many black kids want to be rappers or rich basketball players – like those are their only options based on their mainstream awareness) and drugs (more bullshit laws) and incarceration have destroyed most of their communities and here we are………

  27. GoPHIsh? I’m in. If they got them to play those muther F’ers would get up and move. Page stands up? We get down.

  28. born and raised in Chester Pa moved out in 1988. They took street signs from N Philly and hung them up in Sun Village. To the manner born.

    do you think the militarization of local law enforcement is urban legend ?
    Google: Major General Dan Page 2012 Oathkeepers. Now he’s a Ferguson MO police officer. connect the goddam dots.

  29. Gotta love these pc, liberal college students. Kids who’ve never spent a day in the real world, think they know everything, because mommy and daddy pay a tuition for them to call themselves “college” students. Which I assume that makes them smarter than everyone else? This isn’t the 60’s anymore, where only the wealthy and intelligent went to college. Now even the dope who finished dead last in a class of 1,000 students can get a college education. Please though, continue to make a ruckus over something you’re clueless about. It makes the rest of us look that much smarter.

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