Idiots Plan to Lie in the Middle of Broad and Pattison as 70,000 People Try to Leave the Eagles Game

From NBC Philadelphia:

Clergy leaders and protesters will stage a “die-in” in the middle of a busy intersection outside the South Philadelphia Sports Complex following Sunday’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks in a show of solidarity for Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

Clergy leaders with Philadelphia Organized to Witness Empower & Rebuild (POWER) called for a “Solidarity Die-In” which is set to take place Sunday at 7 p.m. at the northeast corner of Broad and Pattison Streets.

“After the Philadelphia Eagles game, the protesters will stage a “die-in” in the middle of the intersection,” a POWER spokeswoman said. “They will actually lay down in the middle of the street and stay there for four minutes and thirty seconds, symbolic of the four hours and thirty minutes that Mike Brown laid dead in the streets of Ferguson.”

There’s a difference between a protest and a potentially dangerous nuisance. This falls into the latter. Every person who lies in the street should be arrested for disorderly conduct– 1) for their own safety and 2) for the safety of the well-meaning police officers who will now spend their day trying to protect the very same people standing in the street claiming they’re murderers.

And look for all the supporters of the “die-in” to claim that being against their stunt somehow means you don’t want justice for people like Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

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46 Responses

    1. In the long run, nobody was actually affected by the die-in. It was mostly just a regular protest on the sidewalk.

      I was more concerned about the 11 guys dressed in black who kept laying down on the field every time Seattle had a 3rd and 15.

  1. Apparently, some people are so desperate for attention that they’re willing to risk their lives for it

  2. If somebodys thinks they’re gonna lay in front of my car while im leaving the game im gonna wrap the baseball bat i have in my car around someones head…im too drunk for this shit

  3. I am willing to bet the majority of protesters are jobless, loudmouthed, whiney young entitled liberals that just want to shout for a cause they can’t relate to, for the sake of shouting for a cause.

    1. As opposed to the uneducated racist conservatives who cause annoying liberals to stand up for an unjust society.

      1. ^ found the white liberal

        Going right to calling conservatives racists. You went to college for that.

  4. i hate white ppl. How dare that pig shoot me after i tried goin after his gun. Kill whitey!

  5. Why don’t these fuckin’ morons just make it a REAL die in and make it a mass suicide! Red Zone is right about the jobless, entitled, liberal “Wiggers”! I can’t wait to see them try to stop rabid and drunk Eagles fans! Ha! Ha! Think 700 level at the Vet!

    1. I understand a lot of them are members of the clergy. It is also a Sunday night so a lot of them could have jobs. I think it will be a lot of college students from Drexel, UofP, etc. Whatever, it is plain wrong and nothing good is going to come of this.

  6. They’re gonna be blocking traffic for …. 4 and 1/2 minutes.

    Obviously, people will be stuck there for hours as a result.

    1. You think they’ll stop at 4.5 minutes? I assure you they will not stop until the police are forced to do something. These a$$holes are about attention. “Look at me I’m causing people to be inconvinced, I accomplished something today”.

  7. I always speak up for the African American community cause they beat the shit out of me while I roamed the streets of Bristol as a yute. They might beat me up again if I speak ill of their cause.

  8. one kid got killed attacking a cop “allegedly”. No one down there protesting seems to include the fact it was right after committing a robbery. The Eric Garner in my opinion was an injustice. But how is making 70,000 people’s lives miserable gonna solve anything. We all know how bad traffic is down there anyway and these idiots want to make it worse? What’s the point?

    1. Its not just Michael Brown, this crap is happening _all_ the time. The police no longer “serve and protect.” Darren Wilson needed to empty 8 rounds into a fleeing person? Really?

      Do you know how many people get killed by cops each year in this country? (Actually unless you work for the FBI – since there is no national registry of such things, you probably don’t, nor will you ever find out.)

      1. Dude wasn’t fleeing, don’t comment when you don’t know the facts…Hate stupid people

        1. No your right. He didn’t follow him down the street at all….. Hate people who don’t read the facts.

          1. OMG your white liberalness is making me so hard I can’t wait to blow u later and watch Rachel Maddow!!


          2. pretty sure its a cops job to pursue someone who robbed a store, assaulted a police officer, and caused 2 shots to be fired while fighting for his gun. id hate to live in a country where the criminals could just run away with no pursuit. how many would just stand around and agree to go to jail? get some sense u halfwit.

  9. FYI to those in the area. You can step and/or walk on them without penalty.

    103 Pa.S.C.A 33(a)2(i)(1) states in full: Pedestrian travelers may make physical contact with and/or walk over or on top of individuals taking part in demonstrations when those individuals are blocking a sidewalk, and or other thru way.

    Have fun with it.

      1. Fuck you asshole! I guess you’re one of those stupid fucks that will lay in the road and hopefully get ran over!

    1. Garner was not killed. He died because he was a fat bleep with a bad heart. The man was arrested thirty bleeping times six of which were violent crimes. He should have been in jail.

        1. He was CONVICTED of six violent crimes besides the cigerette sales. He was a violent convicted felon, his kids were all raised on tax payer dollars because he was a useless POS lifelong violent felon.

  10. Get out the firehoses, they’ll move! Sick of these unemployed jackasses and their retarded protests! Arrest them all for disorderly conduct!

    1. LOL, how do you know they are unemployed? I mean maybe some of them are, but since it is a weekend night the amount of attendees who are employed or unemployed, is moot point. Is everyone at the Linc unemployed?

  11. its gonna be dark, people will be drunk, and if the Eagles don’t win, people will be angry. This is a dumb idea.

  12. White guilt and black delusion. Great combo.

    Looking forward to the “700 level” types doin’ their thing after the game. I’ve got my popcorn at the ready.

  13. It’s hot down here in Hell… Waiting patiently for Jesse, Al and all of the other race baiters to join me in Eternal Damnation!

    As Baretta once said “Don’t do the crime if you can”t do the time. Don’t do it!”

    It’s never a good idea to resist arrest and try to grab a cop”s gun…

    1. He was never being arrested, and the only person who said he went for the cops gun is the cop. Whether that’s a fact or not I can’t say. Your statement is bullshit though. That’s a fact.

  14. Welcome to Philadelphia, where as long as they can remain anonymous…people will lovingly make racists comments and eat at Geno’s as long as they speak English.

    1. And I fear beer muscles among stadium goers won’t help to diffuse racism either.

      Seems a better place would be in front of independence hall, constitution center or even police hq. Really unfortunate they’re choosing here, as I don’t think it helps garner support and just extends the provocation, not the solution.

  15. This is insanity and I can’t believe members of the clergy would agree to this disruptive move. They better watch that angry, drunk crowd leaving the Linc – the will probably run over them! I have never heard of anything so ridiculous.

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